Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


Maybe it will turn harder in later acts? (as it should…). Or increase the difficulty?


There are other factors that are making me want to switch to 4 man - I could use more different types of gear (right now I’m vendoring everything INT based), I could more easily deal with environmental hazards like fire patches, etc. Right now I’m relying on scrolls or just walking through - or worse, shuffling the gear around so I can activate the right skills.

Not to mention that 4 characters feel like a proper rpg party, 2 do not.


You could try a 4 man summoner party, but that would be less challenging than an 2 man LW party.
I think the real issue is that, DO:OS2 is not hard (with the exception of a few encounters) on normal difficulty.
The only way to make the game hard on normal difficulty is to play badly built characters.


Classic difficulty recommended for first play through? I’d be tempted to try tactician, but it can’t be lowered to classic without restarting it looks like.


Also, I’m confused…
Do I want to play as one of the premade origin stories, or choose them as companions? Do you experience the entire story either way? I guess a perk to having them as companions is that they are voice acted, so if you play as them you miss out on some dialog?


Use a premade- the stories are great, and you can still costumize the hell out of them, and make them any class you want.


IMO you always want to play a premade origin on a first playthrough. The custom characters only get generic responses so you miss out. You can only have a total party of 4 so taking a custom also means one less “story” character you can take.

I think tactician is more fun overall but it can be spiky, especially because in this game +1 level in character and gear is a huge difference. If you get frustrated easily and/or don’t like the idea that you’ll have to bail in the middle of a quest and come back later, it might not be for you.


OK, premade character it is. I think I’ll play classic because tactician can’t be lowered. If I play this again at some point (which would be rare for me), then I’ll play tactician then.


Wow, I have really warmed up to this game. I’m currently in the middle of act 2, almost level 14 and I’ve already seen some content that I haven’t seen before. I think the biggest obstacle on this path was inventory management, which I’m now keeping under control by having 3 bags (potions, crafting, quest items) on my main character, as well as frequently selling all the excess loot. Speaking of loot - bartering (with Civic Auras mod) along with Persuasion is a great way to make money (currently at 70k gold) and I honestly cannot express how good it feels not having to rob merchants by shuffling your party around to eliminate overlapping cones of vision that get in the way of sneaking. Influx of new skills has also slowed down big time so I’m not really spending much time running from merchant to merchant. Some QoL mods like free bless, free Pet Pal and permanent Spirit Vision also help cut down on the tedium.


I never thought to look for mods . The permanite spirt vision should have been that way by default. The pet pal one is good too.

The free bless isn’t a big deal once you can source vampire anyone you want, but early on it would be useful.

One thing I would like is a mod that let the random mods on armor and jewelry give status protection. I am starting to get pissed off in the final act where my main tank guy, with 2500+ magic armor, gets crowed controlled on the first round and spend most of the fight doing nothing because of various status effects.


Coming soon: a revamped party inventory system that shows it all in one screen.

And a more succinct journal.


How soon would “soon” be?


Likely just before the console launch, but I don’t really know.


To whom does one pray to make the camera tiltable in D:OS 3, or whatever their next game is.


Awesome. Can’t wait.


Pray to Larianitis


I hope the new journal comes with improved quest tracking logic, I have quite a few in my journal that remain open even though I’ve done everything related to the quest.


I had stopped playing this at the 2 hour mark right after buying this and thought about returning it. In the meantime I bought Pillars of Eternity 2 because I enjoyed the first so much and 2 sounds even better (thanks @Scott_Lufkin !)

While I did enjoy the first little bit I played, I keep thinking about how much Larian used the environmental effects in the first one and it really bugged me. It just felt so gimmicky to me. I’m thinking my opinion of DOS 2 is going to go down once they start using the environmental damage stuff in full force.

I do like the action point system, the writing seemed better in 2 from the little I saw - it seemed a more serious while still having some humor. The game is beautiful. It looked like there was a nice skill system.

So after waffling like I usually do, I returned it today. I had spent too much money so far this year and I knew I’d want PoE2. Sometimes I’m pretty stupid about these things. I kinda miss Divinity Original Sin 2 now that I don’t have it :-)

I just wish they didn’t make my least favorite mechanic (the environmental damage stuff) such a large part of the game. Some day I will play you DOS 2, some day :-)


Yeah, that was a big mistake. This is one of finest rpgs ever, and an outstanding game. Even if you don’t find the last chapter as good as the previous you have 60 hours of immense fun, exploration and party building in it till then.


I didn’t like the last chapter as much, but there are still one or two builds I want to try, and Larian were evil and didn’t make it possible to see all the character arcs in one playthrough so I’ll be doing another run eventually. If I can ever find the time.

I’m trying, dwarf whose story I want to see but whose name I can’t remember; I’m trying to make time. Maybe if everyone quits putting out games for a while.