Divorced parents?

Just a quick informal poll, because I’m curious how the percentages here work out.

Both biological parents. They divorced when I was 13, but it was amicable and I still lived with and saw both of them (mom on weekdays, dad on weekends and some summer breaks). Neither remarried until long after I’d left the nest.

I voted “single biological parent” although I was raised by my mother and grandmother (we three lived together).

My father killed my mother with a chainsaw before turning it upon himself. While I watched.

edit: Oooh, divorced. I thought you said dismembered.

The thread topic seems to be at odds with the actual poll options.

Most of my childhood was spent being raised by my father and grandmother, after my parents got divorced somewhere around age 5-7.

Hmmm… you’re right.

I fail at poll-making.

I should’ve had an option for “both parents as a time-share” and one for “both parents, stayed married.”

Also, some people live together, have kids, and never get married. I mean, they all fit into the “both biological parents”, but you don’t get much of the variation that exists in that category.

Yeah, I was trying to take that into account, because that kind of thing I’d call “marriage” even if it doesn’t quite fit the legal definition. But then I forgot to give the option of a split. Maybe if I just avoided the words “divorced” and “married.”

either way, poll failure

There should have been a option for “Stay married, but we all wished they had divorced.”

I had a step Dad for 6 or 7 years and I loathed him and it did not start until 13. I am going with single biological just cause Mom did most of the heavy lifting. Real Dad was a strict every other weekend and nothing ore guy. Kinda worthless and CHEAP!!! What good is divorce if the one you do not live with does not attempt to buy your affection. Bastard. The step and my Mom have been divorced for over 15 years and I have not seen him in 10 and I still have nightmares wear I cuss him out and attempt to beat the shit out of him. Should I talk to someone about that? ;)

Technically both biological pilots, but as an unfortunate airline pilot, my father was gone for a good 70% of the time. Neither one of us minded, frankly - he was a cruel fucker and a rageaholic. The only thing positive I can say about his parenting skills is that he was a good provider, even when it made his life miserable. We’ve since mended fences, and age (and several near death experiences) have mellowed him considerably, thank god.

Wow, that is a lotta non-divorced parents. I was expeting something different.

“Raised” by both bilogical parents + 1 step-parent. Also, a pack of wild dogs.

Bam! Wayback machine.

The thread title and poll do not match.


Sounds like my cousin.

Well, thus the poll failure Anders pointed out – if you were raised time-share fashion by two divorced parents, that applies just the same as if they were married, the way I phrased the poll.

You’re a little late to the party here.

There are probably some that did divorce, but after the child-rearing had mostly been done. That was my case, though I still voted “both parents” since it wasn’t until I was in my teens.

I am very fortunate to have 2 very loving and wonderful parents (married), and my sisters as well.