DJ Hero


Do you buy every bit of random plastic music game junk that’s on sale? ;)


Well…I have managed to resist buying the symbols for Rock Band…And as for the Stage Kit, I bet you’ll be singing a different tune next time you’re over for RB night and you are basking in the full glory of the light show. :)

(as for the Fender replica, we both know that is just awesome!)

hmmmmm…maybe I do have problem…


Well, you don’t have the P-Bass (yet), so that’s gotta count for something.


Or the overdrive pedal…but I kinda want that.


I agree it’s badass, but don’t buy the Rockband BS. buy a real one for cheaper price, and better effect.


Is any of the DLC for DJ Hero particularly good or bad?


I downloaded the David Guetta stuff which I think is great.


I picked this up around Christmas time and I really really like it - sure, it may have been overpriced and released at a bad time in terms of how willing people were to buy plastic instruments, but the game itself is actually pretty difficult to fault. I think they pitched the mix of music perfectly, and the mechanics go way beyond something like Beatmania.


So this was on sale at Nebraska Furniture Mart today for $25 for all 3 consoles. I tried to explain to my wife that it was heavily discounted from its original high price. Of course, I didn’t really have a good explanation of where we would keep such a peripheral, or what I would do with it exactly, except pretend to be a DJ. Hmmm. Sorry gents, I can’t even sell myself on the concept, so I couldn’t sell it to the significant other either.

Btw, the limited edition black package is HUGE. It’s almost twice the size of the regular DJ Hero box. Does that mean the controller itself is bigger in that one? Or what? Why is that box so much bigger?


it has a stand/case


Ah ok, so the regular controller would need some kind of table top to put it on then. That makes sense. Thanks. Curiosity satisfied.


The Limited Edition was $25?


No, the limited edition was $50. The regular edition was $25.


Hm …

Okay thanks :)


Yesterday and today’s Google doodle of combining DJ records is so much fun. It really makes me regret never checking out DJ Hero on the 360.

Especially looking at the post above, apparently I could have had it for $25.


Gosh I had no idea some of these things that I’ve only been hearing since the 90s have been sampled from all these 70s records.

Were these records with just the base beats from a song actually put out especially put out for DJs to play with, or what?


You should watch Sample This, a documentary about how The Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache” became one of the most popular songs to sample early on in hip hop.

There’s also this whole mini-doc about the “Amen Break” that’s in, well, evertthing:


Hmm. This is making me want to dig out my DJ peripheral and the old Xbox to give these games another, uh, spin.


Btw, the Google doodle is no longer on, but you can find it here:


Thanks! I went to show it to my wife and daughter last night and it was gone.