Djokovic to win Grand Slam this year

Novak Djokovic is so going to win the Calendar Grand Slam this year. Calling it here first.

Ease off the throttle, desmond. We all totally believe you aren’t a bot.

Oh he’s here, too?! Hooray!

Definitely not a bot.

It could happen, but it would speak more to the sorry pathetic state of mens tennis today than it does to Djokovic. Berdych is #2 in the Race currently which says enough. Tennis post Fedal is dead. Djokovic is a good player but has no personality, and there is no other good player to challenge him with Federer a tennis grandpa and Nadal a shadow of his old self right now.

I find Djokovic’s game a bit bland, but I don’t think you can say he doesn’t have personality.

He has personality alright. That of a narcissist desperate for everyone to like him. The one who wants to be the cool kid, but isnt. He will never come anywhere near Federer’s personality, let alone Nadal’s (and I cant stand Nadal FWIW).

Remember the time at the U.S Open he whined that the New York cheered for Roddick over him and the crowd began booing him.

Novak’s done all kinds of fun stuff, such as imitating other players and doing a bang-up job of dancing to Thriller. He’s fun and funny.

All of men’s tennis is a bit bland in the sense that it’s now a baseline game. It’s hit and hit and hit and hit and…hit or hit a winner. The game is so fast now that approaching the net is much harder now – players blast passing shots that in the old days of wooden rackets never would have happened.

I think Djokovic has a real chance this year. He’s a better player on clay than Fed ever was and Nadal is fading. Murray is his crazy unpredictable self, and no one else stepped up to be a real challenge to the Big Four. Djokovic could have a historic year this year.

Whatever you think of Djokovic’s personality his game is insane. His defense is better than peak Nadal, his offense is excellent, and his mental strength is almost unrivalled. He will do the Grand Slam. I will look brilliant when it happens.

Djokovic is rolling along in Paris right now!

Tough match with Murray going on now! Hopefully he wins it.

Stan Wawrinka puts paid to all that.

French Open - where Grand Slam dreams go to die.

In Borg’s case it was the US Open. I think he went into the US Open 3-4 times having won both the French and Wimbledon. I believe the Australian was played in December back then putting it in the same calendar year. They moved it to January to make it the first major in the calendar year because so many of the top pros were skipping it.