DNF makes the Wired vaporware list again


Then again, so did we… :oops:

But no Bit Boys this year! :D

You wonder what the hell they are doing with Duke Nukem Forever. There cant be that many problems/ crap to add in, can there? What do you do for 6 years with a game? It damn well should be great for the time/money/blood the devs have put into it.

At the end, George “Big Boy” Broussard casually notes that they have changed engines A COUPLE OF TIMES.

Not once. Not twice. A COUPLE OF TIMES. That’s fucking retarded. I am sure everyone here realizes what a massive start-from-scratch endeavor it is to switch from, say, the Quake engine to the Unreal engine. And from the Unreal engine to the Unreal Tournament engine, to the Unreal Championship engine.

I’m just guessing, but those guys are morons. I guess it doesn’t matter if you have an unlimited amount of time to burn through x bazillion dollars of capital from Duke Nukem 3D.

The game’s been done for two years.

But every week, Broussard and crew bring in a new group of “models” and tell them they’re going to star in the strip bar scene.

Nikki: “But Mr. B, I thought motion capture was done with wires & electrodes and stuff? And why do you have to be naked too?”

lol… Swithcing engines tacked on a couple years. So they are right on target for a Summer Release. Summer 2006, that is.

Not just switched engines a couple of times but also started over a couple of times! He goes on to say how lucky they are to be able to afford to to this. I would have to agree with him there. :shock:

Peter Jackson has spent less time filming the LOTR movies, to give some perspective!

Besides George and Scott, no one from the original team is still there. On average the other team members from the original duke have gone on to make 2 games, while 3drealms screws around with one.

At this point, they have waited so long - it has to be huge or it is a failure. They get to be laid back and cocky developers now because they had their hit and pumped it with 10 expansion packs or side projects. But when DNF comes out, if it isn’t spectacular, they are just going to be two guys who created a crappy game. There is a lot of ego riding on this one.


Free publicity in Wired. Their PR folks have got to love that.

3DR hasn’t made a peep about it publicly in at least a year, and it’s still in the mindshare at Wired.

Miller and Broussard have to be high-fiving on this one.

I agree. DNF has to be the hottest shit since sliced bread or it will be a total failure. After this long, this better be the greatest game ever-or the gamers won’t accept it (IMHO). Kinda like Dakainika (cant spell it-writing at midnight again). Only without the sponsered hype (note the word sponsored).

Peter Jackson has spent less time filming the LOTR movies, to give some perspective!

Yow. When you put it that way…

Nice frame of reference, drunk’. :)


I’m wondering if they have been high-fiving each other over the tremendous loss of money that comes with paying artists and programmers for several years with no product to show for it yet. Or high-fiving over the disappointing sales of DN:Manhattan Project. Or high-fiving over the slumping PC market waiting to embrace DNF with withered, wrinkly arms.

It’s amazing that they’ve got so much revenue from Duke licenses and Max Payne that they can afford to squander it so easily.

Therein lies the rub

Dear Lord all mighty, why can’t someone give me $2m (not a lot by today’s standards), leave me the hell alone and tell me to go make a game? :roll:

Because noone will ever leave you alone. Wouldn’t you miss the constant flames?

The thing about Duke is the longer it takes, the bigger it may be. The jump from Duke Nukem 3D to Duke Nukem Forever, in sheer technology, will be so big it’s probably going to make a big stir when it comes out. DN3D sold a lot of pieces, probably to a bunch of folks that only bought maybe Half-Life, UT or a Quake game since. So few games, with the exception of the rather poorly sold No One Lives Forever games, have the kind of environmental interaction that Duke 3D had and DNF will certainly up the ante there.

As big a joke as people want this game to be, I have a feeling it’s going to be a big hit when it finally makes it to the shelves. Miller and Broussard have always proven since their Apogee days that they can find and nurture talent to make best selling games. These are the guys that “found” the principles that created id Software. Personally, I would never bet against them.


I would. They just lost another programmer, Brandon Reinhart, who left in December to go work on Star Wars Galaxies. Would Brandon leave all that profit sharing behind if the game was good and close to being finished? I don’t know, Verant could have offered him a pretty sweet deal-- but hmmmm, you know? George Broussard is always saying they work on their own schedule, but I remember Chris Hargrove was doing a tutorial column on loonygames a few years back and he quit writing it because of crunch time on Duke. He left for Legend a long time ago.

As someone else mentioned, very few who started the project are still there. That sort of staff turnover just doesn’t happen on a quality project. And now they’re hiring an artist.

Production woes aside, the Schwarzenegger action-hero archetype is dated. Duke looks like a relic when compared to Vin Diesel, Will Smith, or the Matrix characters. Brand recognition? I think more of the potential audience would recognize the GTA guy from the back than they would Duke from the front. Speaking of GTA, I doubt Duke will have anywhere near the cleverness in writing that that game did.

Furthermore, Broussard periodically does a really underhanded thing to rally the fans on the 3D Realms forums, snickering at other developers and their titles. He even slagged Carmack after QuakeCon for not including water effects in Doom 3 because it would look gimmicky to have big pools of water in a cramped little base on Mars, and for not wanting to include ragdoll physics because it wasn’t a real solution, just a corpses-only gimmick. Shenanigans like that-- to me, they really say something about a game’s potential quality.

To me, it all adds up to DNF turning out to be a pastiche of features with no underlying sense, wrapped in a buggy package and a lot of bluster.

ah yes, there is that :D

I wonder what percentage of today’s active game buyers weren’t even gaming when DN3D came out, though?

Heck, I keep meaning to install it to finish it (never did, although I’m not sure I’d be able to stand the technology now), but I’m not sure it’ll even work on an XP system…

When Duke 3D came out, what else was there? Quake was new and that was about it. The two fought it out (I resisted the urge to use duked) and was on everyone’s system. It was the basis of our LAN parties for quite some time. But in this post Half-Life world where every other game on the shelf is a shooter or some type DNF may become just another game. For it to make an impact as a shooter, it would need some revolutionary elements in it, other wise it is just more of the same. I hope it is a great game but I seriously doubt it will be worth the wait.

I’d never invest in them, either. How big a hit does Duke have to be in order to merely break even, I wonder? I know they’ve said that they have kept their costs low, but with two engine licenses and six years of payroll in the can, how low is “low?” I mean, I guess they’ve kept their marketing budget under control (rimshot), but the development costs for the game must be getting pretty damn ugly. They have about 25 people working in house there. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they pay their staff slaves’ wages, that’s a lot of money.

And frankly, I’m not convinced that this new Duke game really will be all that and a bag of chips. I mean, I’ll believe it when I see it, but I wouldn’t put any bets on seeing it. Even Duke 3D was a somewhat overrated title. The environmental interaction was neat, but it contributed little to gameplay, and most of the best parts of the game were in the free demo. The last 2/3 of the game was pretty mediocre.