Do cheaters ever prosper?

Mostly fluff but has quotes from Reynolds and SWG guys.

God, I crack up whenever the media “discovers” this phenomenon yet one more time.


Human being cheats in computer games!

Film at 11!

No one at Quarter to Three really cares about TSO. Film at 11.

I tried to care about it, really I did. :(

I tried to care about it, really I did. :([/quote]
I care about it, in a MOO3 sort of way. I thought that as an idea it had so much potential, but then I played the beta and was really just amazed how amateurish and the gameplay turned out, how it seemed to be trying to pull you away from the multiplayer aspects as much as possible, which were inelegant and frustrating to begin with. It’s like very little thought was put into the design and even less was put into the implementation, which is odd for the huge budget it had.

TSO was in there? Hmm, I must’ve skimmed that part.