Do even gamers have limits on what is acceptable violence?

I think GTA3 initially did well down here because it got pulled off the shelves and people wondered “why?”. They thought it was hardcore and wanted it really badly ( especially 16 year old males… oddly enough) and then people liked it for what it was and it continued to sell well. (As far as I know)

Postal 2 was as boring as hitting yourself in the head with a peice of crete paper … ( I thought it was amusing for the first ‘2 days’ - ie ; levels) … S.O.F was good in the demo - the full version was poo… S.O.F 2 was dull… I’m pretty sure the only reason why I ended up disliking those games (excluding GTA) was they attempted to be a “serious” game… where as GTA3 was more humorous , it was cartoony in a way, it had a feeling of lightness around it… and that made it good…

Serios Violence = yawn! (most of the time)

We STILL can’t get a review copy. Rockstar are being real shits about it. “We sent it out. No, really, we did.” No, really, you DIDN’T. We were trying to do a review to tie in with the furor over the “killography” thing, but they neatly torpedoed that idea. I guess some companies don’t want publicity. <shrug>

In postal 2’s demo, I burned the clerk in the supermarket in his booth, and then I remembered reading about someone who got burned like that in a subway booth. That was the end of that game for me.

Quatoria… so why didn’t you buy it?
I buy a lot of titles for GamerDad. Sure, PR reps are great to us, but I don’t feel they OWE us free software.

Dude, that’s just screwed up … I think I would have stopped too… ( well I did… after day 2 - yawn)

The Soldier of Fortune games were just way to graphic for me. After trying the SOF 1 demo and getting a tad queasy about it, I pretty much wrote off the series.

When I was playing NOLF, there was one guard on the chalet level who talked about working for the bad guys. He says something to the effect of “We don’t have any insurance. What would happen if, say, some super agent snuck up and shot me? The wife and kids would be left in the cold.”

I had to knock him out instead of killing him.

In NOLF 2, I found something on one of the guard’s bodies – in the demo, even, though it persisted, I think – like a note from his wife, or a picture, or something. I can’t remember specifically what it was, but it made me sad for the family. :(

When I was playing Splinter Cell, I was apprehensive about killing normal guards. I mean, they’re just doing their jobs, you know… guarding things. Just like the one James Bond movie where he gets in the tank, he shoots all those Kremlin guards or something.

I mean, come on, they’re just guards doing their duty, and go home at night. They’re not all evil.

But don’t listen to me, listen to Faramir!

Great, the next big enemy AI advance will be guilt trips and existentialism.

I got turned off back in a late 80’s arcade by the hanging/pierced babies in the Splatterhouse.

But GTA I had no problem with.

GTA is a GREAT game, and it has nothing to do with the violence. That said, the violence in GTA is not necessarily offensive. It tends to be a parody. I mean all the citizens, bad guys, etc. are walking jokes. There is no sense of realism to the game and that makes the violence a sort of joke as well. those who have played the game should know what I mean. Manhunt, OTOH, seems to be more serious (from what I have heard). To me, that makes a huge difference. I don’t like playing bad guys in a game and I don’t like killing innocents in a game. But in GTA, I don’t feel like I am doing either because of the feel of the game.

Funny thing is, these are supposed to be just games. A fantasy, not real.

… it’s because they try to be serious about it… they try to be “real” … and that’s when people get bored of it - if you want realism join the army.

I’m reminded of the conversation from Clerks regarding the poor chumps who were killed when the under construction Death Star is blown up in Jedi.

Yeah, but I point to the Holodeck on the Star Trek: Next Generation show as being an example of how fun it is to roleplay in a realistic setting.

Do even gamers have limits on what is acceptable violence?

I think for me that would be raping the dead. I just don’t think I could get into a game about that.

Limits to violence, no - people chuckle when they blow up planets in Moo2. Limits to ethical context, yes.

Well, you can’t rape the dead because dead people can’t have babies! At least that’s how I’m told it works by Koontz.