Do Flight Simulator fans have the stamina for Airplane Mode?

Do Flight Simulator fans have the stamina for Airplane Mode? While you’re all gaga for Microsoft Flight Simulator’s spectacular launch, there’s another game that offers the true flight experience. Airplane Mode from Bacronym features all the excitement of real flying as a passenger. In coach class seating. On a real-time six hour flight. There’s the possibility of turbulence. You’ll hear intercom announcements. Mostly, there’s boredom. Obviously, it’s a gag stamina game, like Desert Bus, but it presents a scenario I can actually judge for verisimilitude. I’m probably never going to pilot a Boeing 747, like the one in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but I’ve sure as heck sat in one for an eternity, scrunched between other helpless passengers, trying not to spill my in-flight soda as it bounces on the seat tray. Do I know the stall characteristics of the Icon A5? I do not. Do I know the pain of flipping through the airline magazine for the third time, desperately trying to find something interesting to read. Yes. More importantly, you can play Airplane Mode with no special equipment. Good luck finding a nice joystick or throttle setup now that everyone is playing Flight Simulator.

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Actually, I think this might be a brilliant idea for anyone who has a fear/paranoia about flying. I could easily see a therapist using this as a desensitization tool for a patient who has to take a flight somewhere. Just set it up in office (or at home) between both airports and talk the patient through it when needed.

It would be very similar to how combat veterans are often “prescribed” some form of FPS games to help them slowly recover from PTSD.

Not sure how much desensitization will help. I’ve flown many times and it only gets worse each time. (Unless you’re only 5’2" or whatever.)

I only got over my fear of flying by mentally willing the airplane to crash while it was over the Atlantic. (It didn’t.) Not sure a simulator can provide that experience.

The roomiest seats are in the cockpit. So unfair.

I’m here to complain about the wording of the opening lines of this news. It reads like I’m on a gaming site.
I’m recovering from the shock.

This is where alcohol comes into play.

This sounds like the the worst “game/simulation” ever made. Why would anyone in their right mind waste their time being as bored as you are on a flight. I’ve flown back and forth to Africa dozens of times (and in Africa on African airlines as well); it is never fun, just an endurance test of boredom. Except when you’re on a blacklisted airline; then it’s a bit more exciting.

The worst “game/simulation” ever made might also be Shower With Your Dad Simulator.

lol, ok you win