Do forum threads expire or something?

I recall seeing a thread about the TV show Mighty Boosh here, but couldn’t find it just by looking at the thread titles in the “Books, comics, TV, music” section. That section only goes back 2 pages too, what gives?

(forum search finds the thread -> so I’m not hallucinating)

Some of the subforums have more pages displayable than others, notably Games, which is the primary focus of this forum and therefore has the most viewable pages.

Everything is archived and searchable, though. You can find posts that go back years in each of the subforums. You will need to search to find them, however. Thread resurrections is viewed upon very favourably here, if you do it properly.

Towards the bottom of the screen is an option that (for me anyways) defaults to showing threads from the last week. Bump that up to the last year or whatever to see older threads. Or use the search feature.

Ah, excellent. Thanks for the tip

Yeah. Once I found a thread from 2002. Then I posted a picture of a dinosaur in the thread. The thread had nothing to do with dinosaurs. The act was viewed in very unfavorable terms by the other board members. So I would say don’t do that.

Properly, being the key word there.