Do I have a Virus?

Ok the weird part is that I am on a Macintosh all day… I have a PC at home but it is off.

I just got an email from someone claiming that I sent them 5 emails today with just a :) on it.

They quoted the text and yes, it looks like I did- but since I don’t know who they are, I do not have their addy in my book.

I am running a Mac with OS 9 and using Eudora so a virus seems remote.

And since my PC is off and since the address is NOT in my address book at home… it just seems odd.

Any ideas?

No, somebody that has you in their address book and/or has your address on a message they’ve sent and/or received has one.

heh, thanks…apparenly I missed logic in school…but then the people that got the email assumedly forgot to tell me about all the other crap they were getting…

THanks for info.