Do I want to upgrade iPad and iPhone to iOS 15?

Phone is a year + old and iPad is maybe 5 years old.

I’ve heard, purely anecdotal, stories about batteries overheating. I’m holding off on my 12PM. It’s your call though.

Well, certainly not while you are in the hospital. Leave well enough alone until you are home.

That said, I am running 15 on my 8+ and 2015 iPad Pro with no issues I can see.

But wait until you can deal with issues at home, though.

Ok txs

Yeah I agree don’t risk a known-good state on your devices while you’re in the hospital. There’s nothing in iOS 15 that you can’t wait for.

I would definitely recommend it for your iPhone, but collect anecdotes from people who have similarly aged iPads. Five years doesn’t sound too bad, though, so it’s probably safe.

You’re fine. I read a lot of Apple stuff and this round is a very solid release. On the other hand, there aren’t really must-have features either, but I do really like the text reading in pictures.

I like Safari extensions and iPadOS.

I upgraded my phone today because I wanted a specific feature: the ability to let specific apps notify through Do not Disturb.