Do not blog about your drug use, non-Americans

If you ever want to visit the us, anyway.

Canadian professor barred from ever entering US again because he had a web article that admitted to taking an acid trip once - because Google is now our most important border guard weapon.

I don’t know how this would effect “re-entry”, but until they take the google away from the border guards, best to keep mum.

Well, looks like I’m fucked then. Ironically, the only place in America I’d actually want to go to is Las Vegas, because my wife goes to a convention every year there and I’d like to go with her sometime. I would really like to hear a customs official to explain to me that, because I talked about smoking pot on the internet, they don’t want my kind in Las Vegas.

I look slightly Arabic and have a foreign surname, which with my luck, probably sounds like something similar on a list, and I’ll end up whisked off to a Uzbek jail to be aquainted with the CIA and their large range of power drills. So I never really planned on going to the US anyway.

This is horrifying. My blog had a joke name that played on a term for marijuana that I’d heard once and found funny – I changed it after reading this article. Not that my blog had anything to do with drug usage, but still…

What a world.

Totally. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the black helicopters were on their way to your house right now. Run to the basement!

Maybe the “smot poker” guy wasn’t so crazy after all.

And you guys laughed when I had Tom change my name. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, SMART GUY. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW? Ha, ha!

Another warning for all Americans: Do not grow your facial hair into a goatee. This is very imporant. All Middle Eastern terrorists wear the goatee.

Also, the handlebar mustache should be avoided.

This sort of thing is the reason my friend and I always say “kerbango”.

Well. Mostly because we thought it was funny. But this too, I guess.

Yeah, especially because he – I mean I – I mean he – doesn’t use his real name on this forum. Unlike some people.

Fake forum names for the win!

I use my real name.


See what Rywill did there? He exagerated for the comedic effect! Let me try:

Totally. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if U.S. Customs / Homeland Security were so fucking scary-crazy that they’d prevent intellectuals from entering the country if a google search finds an article suggesting one-time illicit drug use in another country 40 years ago. Don’t exercise free speech!

Oh, wait.

The whole fingerprinting/photographing thing has stopped me going to the US for the past few years anyway, that photo of me with the big spliff on someone else’s website wont be of any concern for a few years I imagine.

Avoid having one, or people who do?

Yeah, the US really doesn’t seem to want any visitors.

They might be terrorists! Or socialists! Keep your damn universal health care to yourselves, foreigners!

Funny thing is, I remember reading an article recently about Canada being really strict about letting Americans with a drug use history in. We’re talking about 50 year olds that got busted for possession back in the 60s getting stopped at the border on their retirement trips and such, so it kinda goes both ways. I’ll see if I can find the article, was in the SF Chronicle a couple of months back.

Generalizations FTL. I know that the City of San Francisco happily welcomes tourists, as it’s the #1 income generator for the city. :P

Here is the article. There are people getting turned back for having medical marajuana cards, 30+ year old DUI convictions, etc. So it’s not just the US.

Yeah but immigration gets to the tourists first! Actually to be fair, the attitude of the immigration guys at LAX has drastically improved over the last few years. They used to be humorless, miserable bastards who made you feel like you were a criminal just for daring to be a non-citizen on American soil. These days they usually greet with a smile, phrase their questions in a friendly manner and sometimes even make chit-chat! The first time it happened I seriously thought something was very wrong, and they were about to drag me into a back room for interrogation :) I could tell you some horror stories about BCIS or whatever they call themselves these days.

Athryn, the fundamental difference is that Canada Customs is turning people away for prior criminal convictions (not drugs per se) whereas U.S. Customs is turning people away for what they’ve said, sans criminal convictions. Now, Canada Customs is a thoroughly reprehensible agency and I’m partially aghast I’m defending them, but I’ve never heard of them doing anything as egregious as what their U.S. counterparts are apparently up to.

skedastic, why does the conviction or lack thereof matter? Both countries appear to have the same completely absurd problem.