Do not blog about your drug use, non-Americans

Because there is a rationale for not letting convicted criminals into the country which actually makes some sense.

True, border staff in the US have become a LOT better than they were a few years ago. Both times I’ve come in recently they’ve been quite pleasant and enjoyed a quick chit chat… which probably teaches them a lot more than scowling at their ‘customers’.

Weren’t you the one who called all Canadians seal clubbers? Native American hater!

Because there is a rationale for not letting convicted criminals into the country which actually makes some sense.

People convicted of marijuana possession, DUI, and petty theft? What is that rationale?

Hey. My 'stache, when I grow it, does that on its own. Goes great with my British Army Pith Helmet:

I got stuck in CDG in France overnight. I’ve also spent the night in LAX, SFO, ATL, and some bodunk airport in the middle of nowhere that my girlfriend at the time semi crashed us into.

I prefer ATL, but CDG was definitely the worst. Bad odor, grumpy agents, and nobody was willing to take my little airport credit thing.

Did you even read what I was posting a reply to in that thread? I was addressing a particular person’s assumption that everyone in the US was responsible for the VA Tech Shooting. I said in my response that was like someone holding all Canadians responsible for the seal clubbing that goes on.

Not that I expect you to have any kind of reading comprehension, as I know you’re an insensitive ass.

(and for anyone wondering, yes, he really is, and there’s a good reason he’s banned from #qt3.)

Rather pithy, old chapeau.


Ugh, speaking of bannable offenses…that was bad.

I’m going back to my day job of writing for Silent Kimbly.

In general it would be problematic to let customs officers decide which crimes are worthy of barring people and which are not—the courts need not be second-guessed by Customs. I would agree with that they should, like the legal system, have some sort of statute of limitations, and that it would be reasonable to ignore minor misdeamoners (although I don’t agree that theft and DUI are necessarily good examples of ignorable crimes).

But both countries bar convicted criminals. The thread discusses this remarkable new google-powered thought policing by U.S. Customs, both for previous drug use and for political views which arouse the suspicion of some mouth-breathing customs guy. Which is somewhat worse than the Canadian-style thought policing of keeping people suspected of intent to commit hate speech out. Which reminds me of that long sequence of attempts by Canada Customs to harrass gay bookstores, including confiscating shipments of French poetry.

Hmmmm… which set of petty authoritarian dipshits is worse? It’s a tough call.

Ah, Canadian customs, the folks who will search your computer on the assumption that somewhere on it is Canadian-corrupting pornography. Because, you know, the Internet doesn’t extend to the Great White North.

Eh, every country has wacky customs. I got yelled at by a very stern Korean soldier for the unpardonable sin of bringing shaving cream. Of course, now you can’t do that in America either. Or cologne. I had both yoinked last time I went through security. Because we want our terrorists to be unshaven and smelly like God intended.

I grew a moustache so I look like Saddam Hussein. But seeing that he is dead I think they would still let me into the You Es of Eh, wouldn’t they?

I was thinking of growing a beard too but then I would look like Osama bin Laden.

I thought I had a pith helmet lying around, but I checked, and all I have is a safari hat. SO DISAPPOINTING.

This would be funny, except it’s happened at least once since 9/11 that we know about. Maher Ahar.

The US basically now asserts the right to kidnap and torture anyone we want.

They’re not just chit chatting to chit chat, mostly. They’re judging your reactions. Although, if they’re actually suspicious, they’ve got you tagged to be searched more thoroughly before talking to you, and often, even before you get off a plane if you flew in. 'Course, they also throw in some noise and occasionally search a person more thoroughly even when they’re not suspicious or anything. So, maybe they were just chit chatting. Or were they?