Do not laugh

Seriously. You’ll go to hell.

I love the happy people jumping off the towers. That kid needs supervision.

I’m sorry but the second last one is hilarious. Look at those arms. The kid is like a cross between a cactus and lego. The last one worries me though.

When giant penises go to war, nobody wins.

I have to admit, that’s what started me laughing too.

Most of those kids can draw better than I can :(

Seriously, who thought putting these on the web was a good idea?

Some bloke called Chad?

I made it through about five without laughing, but this one got me.

Edit: and I think we should change Iraq’s flag to the one shown here.

Ok last one: Who told this child that we fight wars with giant penises? Now I do feel like I’m going to hell.

Actual last edit: Someone beat me to it! Damn. I feel rotten for nothing.

Hey, thanks. I clicked on that one, looked at the drawing, and started laughing. And then I read the text. Awesome. We’re horrible people.

Beauty, eh.

What’s with the site claiming copyright on kids’ drawings? Icky.

Did you still laugh (I sure did) though? Your spot in Hell is secured. THANKS ANG.

Penises with donut balls.