Do we have a thread about watches? (that are interesting?)

So, one thing lead to another a month or two back, and I found myself collecting Russian/Soviet mechanical watches. Mostly Vostoks, but I’ve got a Molnija pocket watch, and couple of Pobeda and Raketa’s on the way. They’re dirt cheap (often $5-$40 on eBay), come in tons of varieties, and surprisingly solid and reliable. Apparently for a long stretch, Russia was second only to the Swiss in watch production? Some interesting history, too.

A few from the collection:

Oh wow! Those are gorgeous. Love that you’ve found a niche in watch collecting that appeals to you. Even within mechanical watches, there is such a huge variety, both in price and style, that it’s really great to find something that holds the collection together. Kinda like a nice rug.

Those are great! How did you get into this? For that matter; how hard do you have to hunt to find ones in good shape? One more question; are they used or old but new from storage?

In Soviet Russia time tells you! (Or something.)

The two on the striped “Bond” straps are new, but the rest are old. Mostly from the late 60s to mid 90s. The first two are at least somewhat collectable as they’re marked “By order of the USSR Ministry of Defense” which were only sold to military officers with documentation.

As far as condition goes, I’ve had to play around a bit with the timing to get them within a minute per day, but for the most part it hasn’t been a worry. They were designed for the military, so they’re meant to withstand most anything and keep going without service. Each one has been pretty reliable as-is. I figure at the price, if one turns out to be a total dud, it’ll be incentive to learn how to fully disassemble and service.

I don’t know much about watches, but I know that Marshall Sutcliffe (of Magic:The Gathering podcast and broadcast fame) does restorations. He’s one of the folks in this video series, and he has a Youtube channel all about his various projects. I’ve not watched in great detail, but I hear about his projects occasionally when he mentions them on his MTG shows and it sounds pretty neat. Could be interesting for those into the watch world.

Nice watches, indeed. I don’t collect anything, other than dust, but I do have a strong preference for mechanical, analog watches. As in, I’d rather stick my hand in a fire ant nest than wear a digital watch.

I’m not a real collector, but I’ve acquired a few nice pieces over the years. My two best watches are anniversary gifts from my wife:

That bottom Rolex is very nice. I am not a fan of the blingy Rolex stuff, but the silver/stainless ones are very very nice.

Thanks, I’m not a fan of the bling either. I love the stainless steel watch, because, while its so nice to wear, it doesn’t call attention to itself.

And it has that oomph, that sense of weight and solidity, that a good analog watch should have.

Plus, you can whack someone over the head with it.

James Bond did it in the books. Of course, a Rolex didn’t cost nearly as much to replace back then.

I love watches and own a few regular watches. But these days I just use an Apple Watch with one of the larger fonts so I can actually see the fucking time.


This thread is neat. I’ve always been a fan of watches, and i collect seikos, which I’ve always liked because they keep good time, are well made, but generally more affordable than some of their Swiss brethren. Also, they tend to be smaller so the fit better on my dainty software engineer wrists.

I think my favorite is an Alpinist, which had a cool green face. They discontinued this watch, but i believe they were planning on bringing back a new updated version, maybe this year.

That picture doesn’t really do it justice, i should take a picture in the sunlight, that shows off how the face catches the light.

I like Seikos, too, though I am using a Citizen my wife got me some years ago. My father loved Omega watches, but I don’t see them very often any more.

EDIT: Nope, it’s a Seiko. Not a Citizen. Nice, too.

Wait, what?

Is that super weird? I honestly don’t know, as I’m not a “serious” watch collector or anything.

But I’ve always liked seikos, and over time I’ve acquired a number of them, and then as i learned more about the company i got more interested in them.

Oh, the handle. I get it.

Very nice! I like the combination of the green dial and leather band.

Yes, the Alpinist is popular with watch collectors for good reason: Good looking, well made, reasonable price.

I’m not a collector of watches but I do have this one that was my dad’s. It doesn’t wind anymore, I keep meaning to get it looked at and hopefully fixed.