Do you bicycle? A cycling thread I guess


Nice. Do you have cycling shorts? Will extend your comfortable range. You can get underwear with a chamoix to wear under regular shorts too. Get a decent pair, like your bike the cheapest options aren’t very good.


You could look into a hornless bike seat too. I have one and I really like it. There’s some evidence also that the traditional seats are a bit hard on the male equipment and may contribute to some erectile dysfunction.


Pardon me as I vent for a bit:

Last month I talked about getting a new wheelset, and I did – a “deep V” set of wheels that promise to be significantly more stable than my old ones. I’ve only been able to do my bike commute once or twice a week since I got the new wheels, but they’ve been great so far.

Yesterday I manage to bike into work. Great morning commute: a little chilly, but above freezing so I was still able to wear shorts rather than full leggings. Got to work, felt great.

Because of the inconvenient axial tilt of this planet and this body’s inability to see in the dark, I set out for home at about 4:30, which should have gotten my home not long after sunset with plenty of light left to see. My commute is about ten miles, and I was probably four miles into it when I hit something sharp in the road… sharp enough to go through the Gatorskin wheels and also the inner Kevlar lining that I had put in to further avoid just this thing happening.

Well that’s a bummer, but shit happens. There was a convenient concrete block nearby and I sat myself on it and pulled out my spare, CO2 and inflater.

That’s when I realized that I didn’t have any pry-tools to pull the tire off the wheel; I must have left them on my workbench at home. I tried in vain to pull the tires off with other stuff I had or could find lying around on the side of the road. 30 minutes of trying, no dice.

It was now a good while after sundown and any ambient sunlight was quickly waning. For a bunch of complex but still valid reasons, I can’t bike-commute with a cellphone. And this particular part of the road was pretty much the furthest away from any store or easy access to a telephone that it was possible to be: I could have walked about a mile backwards to an office building and probably convinced the guard to let me use his phone. About a mile and a half ahead was a shopping center. To the sides were neighborhoods probably less than a quarter-mile of walking, but I didn’t care for the idea of randomly knocking on doors asking to use a phone.

I elected to press on to the shopping center. It was uphill, but that’s just one of those things. Turns out that walking for a good distance in biking shoes pretty much sucks. I got to the gas station and convinced the clerk to let me use his phone. I swear that his was one of the most uncomprehending looks I have ever gotten from a human - this guy just could not conceive of someone not having a cellphone on them.

My wife drove out to get me and I made it home at about 7:30. Long day. Tonight I’ll take off the tire and try and figure out what punctured my tube.


After almost a 30 km day, I added the following to my Holiday shopping list:

  1. A more comfortable seat
  2. New biking gloves


This is a great story - you’ll look back at it positively.

When I had my flat in the middle of nowhere this year, I was on my own and my wife was at work, it occurred to me that if I screwed up the CO2 (which I hadn’t used in a couple years), I was seriously screwed. I would have had to stash the bike and call a taxi, or pay more for a van, or maybe a two hour walk in cleats to a transit stop? Who knows, fortunately the tire inflated.