Do you bicycle? A cycling thread I guess

My wife just got a Trek Domane+ and it’s been a real game-changer. At the lowest boost (30 watts) she can keep up with me even when I’m working hard, so I no longer have to stop and wait or loop back. Unlike the Trek Verve, which she used on a bike tour this spring, the Domane+ has road bike geometry, so it is easier to steer and more comfortable for her. It looks lik her new bike which ll be great for my fitness😗

Nice! Did she have no trouble adjusting to this type of geometry and drop bars?

Holy fuck this guy did a ton of work and cops and feds are still fucking it up…

She had very little trouble, adjusting as the geometry is close to that of her old road bike.

Writing a trek verve
Was much more of an adjustment those bikes have a more upright position and are quite top-heavy

Needed more adjustment to lean how to monitor and change the boost level. Boost 1 is good most of the time. It’s light enough she can keep up on the flat when it’s not too fast.

How are you liking the Level.2? I’m thinking of getting a commuter ebike to tool around town, and the Aventon Level.2 Commuter seems well reviewed.

I was super into MTB about 25 years ago, but have totally fallen out of the loop on ebikes. The Trek models are crazy expensive. The Aventon seems like a good fit for under $2k but I’d love some non-sponsored impressions. :)