Do you consort with the other side?

That’s hilarious.

But what about all of the right-wing dogpiles? :lol:

I believe unless you are discussing extreme examples I have yet to hear( or just for the hell of it arguing against people that are obviously beyond reason), you are misrepresenting the people who simply say that marriage law, for better or worse, is based on (alleged) moral standards, and thus to seek to detach them from that is literally destroying the institution of marriage as we know it. As in, say, Tom Ridge if you subtract my wishy washy caveats. But I digress.
A lot of what will materially result as advocacy for Bush is actually greater opposition to the opposition combined with concerns about utterly sabotaging Iraq by sending a big vote of no confidence its way.

How many Bush voters do we have on this forum? 2? Maybe? Desslock would but is Canadian.

At least 3, then. Then again, I’m not around much.

I generally hang out with people who disagree with me. Most of my friends, and my girlfriend, don’t agree with my on religion, politics… pretty much anything.