Do you do Permadeath?

Do you play games with permadeath mode on? I find I get too frustrated if I have it on, as a wipe feels about the same as losing power with no save. In my Rimworld playthru though it has really lessened the story telling of the game by reloading. On the other hand, I don’t feel like I wasted my time by having everyone go dead cricket.

note: I may have asked this before but could not find a topic dedicated to it.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Hell No
  • Short games only
  • Depends on Game

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Note at first. I’ll usually move to it once I feel I know a fair amount about a game. Permadeath also attracts more viewers when you stream.



It depends on the game. Some games are designed around it, like a rogue like. Something like Dwarf Fortress or Caves of Qud is less than when you can just reload a save game, for instance. Would I play with permadeath in a game it’s just an option in, like Pillars 2 or Fallout, or maybe XCOM 2? Hell no.

I’ve done some permadeath runs on Grim Dawn. It adds a tingle and alters the playstyle in interesting ways, but it’s obviously a bummer when you permadie.

On one hand, no, because fuck, I play like, one game a year. Why would I waste the already barely existent time I have by having all my progress go toast cuz I suck fucks at videogames?

On the other hand, well, shit, I’d probably be so frustrated by permadying that i’d quit the game immediately, which means I might be able to squeeze in 2, maybe even 3 games a year!

Rarely, and only in games with some kind of progression mechanic that endures through those losses. “Start over from scratch” games definitely fall into the “I’m too old for this shit” category.

100% correct.

Nah. I’m into games for fun. Not to suffer.

Permadeath feels fine in a short game - having to start over when a “run” is 30-120 minutes long isn’t a huge deal - but it’s beyond miserable to think about playing a fifty-hour RPG (or twenty, or even ten) and having to start from scratch if anything goes wrong.

I like the balance of something like Tales of Maj’Eyal and its default lives system, where there’s still permadeath in the end, but you have a few chances to fail (and can earn more) without just having to start from scratch the first time things go south. I wouldn’t mind seeing other games balanced around the same concept.

Life is too short for Permadeath.

That is really the trade-off. Everything is so much less intense in permadeath. It acts as rush and can become a vicious habit.
I remember that when I started playing Diablo 2 on Hardcore, I couldn’t go back to the standard game.
But excepting for games specifically designed around permadeath, I never turn it on on purpose nowadays.

I wish I liked permadeath / iron man more than I do. Maybe I’m too old, and there’s just too much mortality already in view. Every iron man attempt I make (in XCOM 2 or Darkest Dungeon or Battle Brothers most recently) goes roughly the same way. I start off and feel the proper, trapeze-without-a-net exhilaration for about three minutes. Then something goes slightly wrong or I hit a little bad luck, and I decide to restart (you want have good beginning for an iron man run, right?) This happens a few times until I actually do start strong. And then something truly bad happens, a genuine setback, and I tell myself I’m going to come back and rally later when I’m less discouraged, and then I quit and never go back. It’s fun in a way, just for those two minutes of excitement, which is why I keep trying. But I don’t think it’s for me.

Never, permadeath ist for people who like suffering, tough challenge and have too much time.

Wow really? Games like Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld there are no “permadeath” options, That is the way the game is meant to be played! If they die, that is part of the story.

Games like Xcom, I do some save-scumming, but in survival type games, if people die, they die. And if someone in Xcom dies because I fucked up, that is my bad. If they die because of some bs roving pod of monsters, I reload.

I play Fire emblem with permadeath off, because I know that if I played it that way, I would end up reloading and replaying too much of the game.

It really depends on what kind of game I am playing, Rimworld and DF to me are more about society and base building, if a worker dies, so be it. Games like xcom, where you can have dozens of hours poured into a troop to disappear via bad luck? No thanks, no time for that.

Though, if I was streaming it? Permadeath on.

I mean sure, I’ll play a game with permadeath. I’ve been playing rogue-likes since, well, Rogue. But I always cheat and keep a save state. I don’t like to lose.


The older I get, the less interested I am in inducing stress voluntarily. Younger people crave drama, and will create it if it doesn’t exist, the older you get, the more you try to avoid drama.

I get the allure of it, and it can be fun depending on the game setup, but more often than not I can’t be bothered.

When I was young and dinosaurs walked the earth, what you whippersnappers call “perma-death” was the norm in certain genres, like RPG.

One major series (either Wizardry or Ultima, I forget which) wrote every party you created to a new floppy, which was re-formatted when you died or your party was wiped.

It was Wizardry. But even then it was possible to cheat permadeath with backups.