Do you even Nintendo Ring Fit bro?

Title Do you even Nintendo Ring Fit bro?
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 12, 2019

Ring Fit Adventure is a roleplaying game for the Nintendo Switch that uses a flexible “Ring-Con” accessory to translate the player’s exercises into in-game actions. See that mountain over there? You can run to it. No, really…

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This game looks interesting.

I’m down. Even if it’s just aspirational, I love the idea and I like to support Nintendo’s experimentation. I’ll preorder when I see it show up on

Agreed. Nintendo doing their own thing, which is always nice to see.

I recently got this, and i gotta say I’m impressed with it. I have never minded the work of exercising, but I’ve always been bored by it. This helps address that.

I’m trying to get my non sporty son to be more active and if this drops to $60 I think I’ll pick it up. I’ll use it myself too since it seems like it gets the heart rate up.

This was the main reason I got a Switch. It won’t replace a gym if you’re motivated, but the game does a good job for the rest of us.

The best video game workouts that I have found are via VR. Playing Sprint Vector or something like it on PSVR is (sadly?) more tiring than the gym sometimes.