Do you floss?

I went to the dentist this morning and found out that I’m in perfect oral health. No cavities, no periodontal disease, and only a bit of buildup.

First time I’ve gone in 11 years. I have a morbid fear of dentists, though it’s apparently unwarranted.

All you people with various bits of metal in your teeth, and all you people without, just get an aqua flosser. It’s BETTER than actual string floss.

Something I’ve been wondering, when using an electric brush are you supposed to use it like a normal toothbrush or do you just hold it on each tooth and not do any brushing motions?

Back in October, a certain area of my mouth suddenly became excruciatingly sensitive to cold, or even room-temperature, food/liquid. I suffered for a couple weeks till the dentist could see me. When I went in, he said there was no visible pathology and I should just go home and brush with Sensodyne and be a man.

I asked what had happened and he said I’ve probably been brushing too hard for a long time, because my gums are way receded. I was like, “so they’ll grow back right?” He said no. I was a little bit annoyed because I’ve been seeing this guy for probably over a decade and he never said anything about it. I take responsibility for my own habits, I guess, but come on, doc, throw me a bone, etc.

The sensitivity has mostly gone away, but it took all this time. Anyway I’ve been brushing gently and using an electric brush much of the time. And flossing.

Yeah, the latter.

Yes, slowly move it along your teeth with not too much pressure. Just move it enough to cover the entire surface of all the teeth, and slowly! The brush brushes all by itself.