Do you get fired for doing things like this?

So, at work today, one of my coworkers comes in laughing and hands me a specification. He asks me to read the pipe section and let him know what I think the Engineer is asking for…

This is what I found…

So, how likely is it that the engineer that wrote this is now fired for acting in an unprofessional manner? It’s like finding an easter egg in a video game…

As someone who works for the government, I deal with this stuff every day.

My father who worked in a sub-bureau of the Dept. of Justice told me the tale of someone whose techincal report was rejected because it was not “thick” enough. The guy obviously hadn’t put enough work into it because the number of pages used to print the report was underwhelming. His honest to god solution? Putting two copies of the same report into the same binder and resubmitting it a month later. Management told him the report was very impressive and that he had done a good job.

I will have to confess to having pulled off nonsense like this in my career. I remember putting similar jokey material into a requirements document just to see if anybody would notice. Only one systems analyst noticed, and she LOLed.

No such thing as “too specific” when it comes to contract work, I suppose.

“Pipular” is now my wort fur heute.

I’m loving the word “pipular.”


So how would you pronounce that? With a long “i” like “pipe” or with a short “i” like “pip”? Personally, I think the short “i” sounds cooler.

I’m sure he intended pipe-ular, but the way it’s written it would be pip-ular.

That is brilliant. Point C cracked me up as well.

What happens when the hole is on the outside of the pipe, anyway, does that make it less pipular?

C.) All pipe over 500 feet in length must have the words “Long Pipe” clearly painted on each end so that the Mechanical Contractor will know it is a long pipe. Pipe over 1000 feet in length must also have these words painted in the middle so that the Mechanical Contractor will not have to walk the full length of the pipe to determine if it is a long pipe or not.


Haha, funny.

Do people get fired for doing stuff like this? Are you kidding me?! They should get promoted for stuff like this!

When the inner diameter exceeds the outer diameter it becomes a MOBIUS PIPE. Or maybe a Klein pipe. Anyway, suddenly THE ENTIRE WORLD IS INSIDE THE PIPE and that’s NOT IN THE BUDGET.

Eaton? Yeah, I believe it; you should see some of their EDI specs. Specs that are almost Cthulhu-esque in that they must be answered

Mobius pipe did make me crack up though.

That was so damn funny.

Pipin’ awesome.


krise madsen

Yeah. Unless the hole is on the outside on one end and on the inside on the other. Then it’s Kleinular.