Do you have iexplore.exe running in background?

Do you have iexplore.exe running in background even when you have no programs running? Explore.exe is also running…

‘explorer.exe’ is the OS shell. No sign of ‘iexplore.exe’ or ‘explore.exe’ though. Maybe it’s some weird active-desktop thing? I turn all that stuff off, and I seldom use IE, so I have no idea what stays in memory or gets pre-loaded.

  • Alan

That happens when it crashes :). That’s why I switched to Firefox. The EXE only runs once no matter how many windows I open ;).

I have no iexplore.exe running, but IE isn’t running either. Similarly, no explore.exe.

A quick Google for explore.exe says “Virus=very yes!” so you probably want to start the scanning/cleaning process. I’d bet that the iexplore.exe process is a hidden IE child of the explore.exe virus.

explore.exe or explorer.exe?

The latter should be running, the former shouldn’t.

Oh [email protected] My wife used my computer a ton while I was in hte hsopital… so that could actually be very possible. I wonder why my CA antivirus failed :cry:

Does the antivirus scan, say, zipped e-mail attachments? Having those programs running seems to by symptomatic of certain backdoor/key-logging programs that need to be uncompressed and run. I have my wife so paranoid now that she doesn’t touch e-mail attachments anymore unless I’m around, which, frankly, is probably a good thing. Obviously, if your wife is more tech-savvy than mine, than it probably wasn’t an e-mail virus…

My wife is as UN-tech savvy as people come…

You have nothing to worry about then.

If you can’t trust United Nations level tech, what can you trust?

Hehhe, you guys crack me up. That is my new word for “knows zero about technology” :lol:

Process Explorer.

The must have all answer to these types of checks.

explorer.exe is your shell, is the name of the program that hosts trident by default. You can load chunks of Internet Eplorer by invoking the components directly, but it’s all abstracted for your pleasure.

Always be suspicious of processes. The program was built to load and eecute arbitrary code. Ensure that the arbitrary code is not damaging within itc security context.

I think you have splooged on your ‘x’ key. You’re missing a few there, bago.

Yeah, the z and x keys died. It hasn’t bothered me enough to get a new keyboard though.