Do you have your own game blog?

I’m just curious how many QT3’ers have their own game-focused “blog,” be it a personal one or one that they participate on with one or more other people. I’ve been checking out various ones on the web, but finding ones that don’t completely diverge into weird personal-life or completely non-game related territory can be somewhat difficult! (Or aren’t a totally commercial venture-- i.e. Destructoid, Joystiq, Kotaku, etc)

I’ll go first: Yes, and the link is in my profile.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

I’m more than happy to chime in when appropriate, without the overhead of regularly updating my own content.

  • Alan

I said “yes,” but it’s not primarily game-focused. Why bother with Joystiq and Kotaku posting anything and everything?

Yep. Mine has to do with a project I’ve set for myself to play all the major Playstation 1 RPG’s. I find writing about it keeps me focused. It’s mostly a soliloquy but that’s okay by me.

No poll?

Also, I have a LiveJournal that I rarely update, and it is by no means gaming oriented.

Yes. I found just gaming is a bit too narrow so I cover tech too. Also, I rarely post about news events or just post to link to other articles since there are many other sites that already do that. It’s basically a dumping ground for my thoughts on all the crap I buy.

Yes, and the link is in my profile too.

I like to write about topics that are more than, “What I did in WoW last night”, principally because everyone else is doing it and there’s other interesting things online than WoW to play:)

I have one on blogspot. I think I went all of 2006 w/out posting to it.

Yeah. I used to post to mine a lot, but it’s been a while.

Yeah, I made my own site so I can tout my opinions on games.

Then I had a baby so I don’t have time to play with it anymore, not in a serious way like before.

No, I don’t have one.

Joystiq, Kotaku, and Destructoid are pretty general in their focus and often spend more time covering the latest Mario cake or Tri-force quilt than some vague press-release blurb mentions. Really it reminds me a lot of Voodoo Extreme on Kotaku and Destructoid, and Joystiq is like this generation’s Blue’s News.

I put informational things on my blog that I don’t see many other places mentioning or things that I don’t think are getting much attention. These are often threads buried in official forums that may get a single link on a game specific fan website (like a Vault or Warcry network site or a WoWInsider type blog). I often mention these things on the thread that’s on QT3 for whatever game it is, sometimes also on my blog, but also sometimes only the latter.

Paging Mr. HRose, your pants are on fire, mr. Hrose… paging Mr. Hrose… your pants are on fire…

I know HRose mostly talks (bitches) about design issues and proposes all kinds of magical unicorn infested realms of fanciful delight, others like Photon go on endlessly about how their MMO guild drama is tragicomedy gold, and yet others just talk about (in some vague way) their new job and how their competitors are blocking them from playing their product (Lum). Personally I just do the same as the CAGCast “Hype-Wagon” and just talk up a newly released or upcoming feature in a current or future game that I’m jazzed about at the moment, or how some other game is pissing me off.

Yeah, I have one, it’s in my profile… covers most anything I find annoying, not just game related…though it’s mostly that. :)

I should start doing that… but mainly my blog is an outlet for my need to whine. Whether it be about feature X sucking or game Z being outrageously good, I use it to comment on games… to my one loyal reader. :)

Hey at least you have a reader. I think I’m just pleasing myself… also, posting blogs for myself. In all seriousness, sometimes I do forward my posts to friends so they can see something I think is cool.

Readers just breed expectation of content.


I assume I have a reader, he tells me reads it. Sometimes I get posts in the comments.

Really, even though I’d like a successful site where everyone wants to read my opinion, I’m doing it for me. I find posting a soothing sort of thing really. :)

I mean, wife doesn’t even read my site. :P

The Blog for the Sports Gamer. I have somehow managed to help maintain it since 2004.

Put me in the same boat.

HA, every time my wife catches me making a blog post she always asks so who exactly is reading this? Umm…ummm…