Do you read Brian Koontz' posts?

I sure as hell don’t.

Are you kidding? I love his books! “Watchers” is my favorite!

Absolutely I do. You can’t get entertainment like that just anywhere. He isn’t abusive even when vilified which is a nice change from everyone else on the Internet. Sometimes his bizarro slant on things is thought provoking, even if I haven’t agreed with him yet.

If I have the time to spare for a good laugh, I’ll read it. But usually, I just skip his posts assuming the words to interesting content ratio just isn’t high enough to be bothered with.

I always at least skim them. On occassion there’s something thought provoking; more frequently there’s a hilarious Kootzism I wouldn’t want to miss.

I just wait for the Cryptian highlights.

If he starts a thread topic, I’ll read his first post. Anything after that is generally just him taking hundreds of words to say “I agree with myself”, and I don’t get anything out of reading that unless he really puffs out his chest ala the Anaxagoras commentary.

I usually get two or three sentences in, become baffled as I encounter sentence after sentence devoid of meaning, look back up at the poster’s name, realize I’ve done it again, and skip on down to the inevitable DrCrypt response.

I use the next few posts after his as a cue. If nobody says much, or is responding like he’s any other poster, I’ll ignore him. If it’s 2 or 3 “WTF was that nonsense? Koontz, you’ve outdone yourself” - well, how can I not read it? I’d have missed his bizarre fictional conversation with Samantha Ryan Koontz had in his head to prove us all wrong.

Yes but mostly by accident. They start off reasonably normal and then they go downhill towards the end of the post.

Few things are more entertaining than reading Koontz and DrCrypt (the Anti-Koontz) go at it.

I don’t know what to do here, because I don’t read XPav’s posts. So what’s this about?

Brian Koontz.

I wanted a “once in a while” option. Or maybe a “I skim them” option. Generally I skim past the first few sentences.

“One must deconstruct the Shit before access is granted to the Bonerz.” – Brian Koontz

Brian Koontz.[/quote]

Koontz. Brian Koontz. He’ll take a dry inanity, shaken, not stirred.

I wanted a “once in a while” option. Or maybe a “I skim them” option. Generally I skim past the first few sentences.[/quote]

I do that too. So I clicked YES. then deleted my cookie for here and clicked NO.

actually - I didn’t. If I wasn’t lazy I would have. :roll:

I find that Koontz is a bit too digitally windy for me. I usually try to go with the highlights as others post them, or will sometimes break down and read a post if it looks like it’s generated some responses.