Do you remember the first computer game you ever bought?


There’s really no point in playing RD3D since WOFF is out there.

It’s still fun (to me, at least) to fire up RB1 on DOSBox every once in a while.


Woah, I completely missed out on this. I bought the original OVer Flanders Field around a decade ago. It was interesting, but went too far on the simulation scale to my liking. It also felt very… creaky? How does Wings Over Flanders Field compare to OFF?


It would have been some Christmas money spent on an Intellivision game, probably Tron Deadly Discs, perhaps Adventure. I do remember getting a Intellivoice, B17 and Solar Sailor in a bargain bin but it might have been afterwards.


Hell yes!


SimCity was probably my first PC game. First console game was either TMNT or Al Unser Jr Turbo Racing, which I regret because it sucked.


I’m lucky if I can remember last week never mind 40 years ago. However, I’m pretty sure my first computer was a TRS-80 Model 1. No idea if I ever played any games on it or not.


Burn the witch!


You did.
Which ones?


Easy: Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress. I saved up my paper route money specifically to buy it and a c-64 to play it on after being mesmerized by an advertisement for it in an early video game magazine - at the time I had an Atari 5200 but I longed to play “AD&D” as a video game and I couldn’t believe a world as wonderful as Ultima II’s could exist in a game, so I had to have it.


You bought an entire computer solely to play one specific game?
I mean, I realize the computer doubtless went on to do other things for you as well, but that was the initial reason for buying the computer? Just to play that one specific game?
And I must ask: Was it worth it?
I haven’t played that game.


Frankly, in my case, single piece of softwares (be it a game or a work tool) have always been what motivates the purchase of some hardware.


For sure. It’s not a game that aged well, but at the time it was completely unique and revolutionary. I played it for almost an entire year. I’ll probably never have as satisfying a gaming experience as that one provided. And that purchase led to almost 7 years of playing amazing RPGs and war games (and early flight sims) during the golden age of computer gaming, and no games of those types were on the consoles of the time.


Yeah, me too, although purchases as an adult weren’t exactly as weighty decisions as those made as a teen. I finally bought another console 20 years later when I bought a Gamecube to play Godzilla Destroy all Monsters; and then a PS3 to play Demon’s Souls imported from Japan; and an Xbox 360 to play Mass Effect.


I remember Wing Commander being the impetus for my purchase of a Soundblaster.


Oh yeah - I bought a Monster 3D graphics card to play Tomb Raider.


One’s first Ultima is always worth it.


My first and last was IX.



Wait, sorry, so you didn’t play an Ultima until IX? And so far that’s the only one you’ve ever played? I’ve honestly never heard of such a thing, I almost want to tell you to do yourself a favor and go back and play the earlier games but I don’t know how they’d hold up for someone who didn’t play them in their time.


Bought? uh… Eye of the Beholder. First one, Wait , Might and Magic 3.


Hmmm…I think Age of Empires 2. I had played the Age of Empires demo (included multiplayer) a ton on MSZone. Also alot of Microsoft Ants on that. Actually still think the box is still around.

I know I played pirated HL multiplayer (and mods e.g TFC) at the same time, but I don’t believe that lead to any purchases.