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I’m trying to remember the name a game, or the developer behind it. It was an independent game from probably the mid-nineties.

It was a 1v1 multiplayer game (but had bots), you controlled a spaceship, as did your opponent. You directed it by left-clicking and used right-click to fire projectiles wherver the mouse pointed.

You had to fly around the galaxy, buying stuff from planets, and also investing in them. When a planet was happy enough it came under your influence. You can improve the planetary shields and even arm the planets. Your opponent would do the same, and you would try and break down each others planets and take them over.

The game was entirely 2D overhead, very basic bitmap graphics.

The developer (it was one guy) went on to do a basic sort of MMORPG, but before they were massively popular.

My word, that’s ringing all my recognition alarm bells but damned if I can remember the title right now.

Hmmm… I’ll let some idle brain cycles process this for a while and see what comes up.

Surely you ain’t thinkin’ of Warpath?

Sorry I can’t think of the game either, but for some reason your description made me think of Subspace. I know what you described is NOTHING like subspace, but it made me think of it.

And I got to thinking - could there be a better XBLA game than SubSpace?

Starships Unlimited? that was done by one guy:

SubSpace was definitely from the samish era, though that’s not the game. I had a SubSpace friend who played this game with me, but he doesn’t remember what it was either.

I think I got a copy off a PC Gamer UK demo CD, but it was also downloadable from his site.

It’s not Starships or Warpath I’m afraid. I suspect the site and the game have almost disappeared off the face of the Earth, and since it was probably Shareware (I forget) I suspect most people have never seen it or played it.

The game was played from a flat angle, but I believe the ships were viewed front on, being simply bitmaps which moved. You fired small red balls IIRC. Planets were static, but you’d see shield around them. Maps were divided into sectors (I recall it being 4x2, but there may have been more layouts), and I believe it cost you shielding to cross these visible sector divides.

There was a sidebar of some kind running one the screen which had the minimap, ammo, shielding, etc.

Reminds me a little of the old Apogee (I think it was Apogee) game Solar Winds. But I can’t recall enough of the details of that game anymore to tell you whether it’s the one you’re thinking of or not. I do remember liking the game a lot though.

Definitely not an Apogee game, and it was from the Windows era rather than DOS. No story, pure multiplayer (be it with a human or an AI) action.

I’m afraid that OO beat you guys on this one :)

Go take a look and see if my memories were accurate. I’m going to grab it when I get home. BTW, Well of Souls was the “basic MMORPG” I spoke of. I did a whole one graphic for it! :D Wonder if it’s still in there…

Umm, didn’t the 3rd poster suggest Warpath and then you said no it wasn’t that? Is it simply that he didn’t affix a 97 to it?

Quitch, dude, McBain totally got it. You need to give him his props…


Oops… my apologies to that poster, and to all those who searched since. My Google skills are weak, or there are several games which share that name.

QT3 wins :)

Here’s the reason, Google for Warpath and you get this:

God damn, I’m good.

Where are my propers?

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