Do you smoke?

Have you smoked a tobacco product in the last 30 days?

Where is the poll!?

And no.


I quit almost 10 years ago, after smoking heavily for 13 years.

This forum is a bit weird WRT to polls. I think the original post appears as soon as I go to start making the poll options. But all the jumpy posters around here can’t wait the extra few minutes for me to finish :)

Yup. 30 mins ago. 1 Silk Cut Purple. Hmmm smokeilicious hmmm

In fact, all i’ve had today is about 8 cups of coffee and 5 cigarettes, and its now 5pm.

Work has been absolutely crazy.

Tell St. Peter at the golden gate that you hate to make him wait, but you gotta have another cigarette

Yeah, I smoke.

Here’s some slightly dated information on smoking by state.

California has the second lowest rate of smoking - only Utah is lower.

No sir, no tobacco smokin’ here. I do enjoy the occasional Cuban, though.

Quit smoking seven years ago almost exactly after about a fifteen-year pack-a-day habit. Hardest fucking thing I ever did.

So if I had a pipefull of tobacco last week, does that count in the poll?

No, I quit a few months ago. I started really late in life, relatively speaking – I mean, who starts smoking when they’re 22? Me.

But yeah. I smoked off and on for 7 years – a pack a day when I was smoking.

This is just screaming for the SHIT! BONERZ!! option.

A delicious Marlboro Light, not ten minutes past. It’s a smoking treat.

Only when set on fire!

Oh, I kill myself…

I have to answer “yes” based on the question, but I already consider myself to have quit. I found out last week that I have high blood pressure (I’m 24), and with a family history of heart problems, that’s a good enough reason for me to never want another cig.

Why the discrimination between US residents and others?

And no, I don’t smoke. In fact the filthy cunt who started working with me recently and sits close to me reeks like no other smoker I have ever known and has restarted the childhood asthma I haven’t had in about 15 years.

Filthy fucking cunt.

Nope and never have. Dad died of lung cancer that he developed 15 years after he quit smoking so I figure I don’t want to play those odds.

I just started. I’m 34.

Why would you go and do something that stupid? Have you also started going around fucking street whores without protection?

You gonna try pot when you’re 40?

EDIT: Ah, fuck, Brendan’s was funnier.