Do your Wii remotes eat batteries?

When I was firing up the Wii today to see what the blue glow was about, only one of my three remotes had enough juice to come on. These were not particularly old batteries. Nor was the family hitting the Wii very hard in the last couple of months.

Do you guys have experience with the Wii remotes chewing through batteries when idle? Rechargeable packs are starting to look good.

YES - i’ve had to change the batteries on mine at least once since i bought it week of release… and i play maybe a few times a month for less than an hour

Yeah in my experience the Wiimote seems to drain batteries slowly but surely even if they aren’t being used. I use rechargable AAs and just pull them out of the remotes if I don’t plan on using them for a while.

yes… that’s why I’ve picked up a number of rechargeable ones.
if I knew I’ll be using them often over the weekend with company, I’ll toss them in the charger prior to friday. Otherwise I just leave them in the wiimotes.

Get one of the third-party recharge-docking-station kits.

  • Alan

Yeah, ever since buying one of those Nyko recharging kits, it works like a charm.

Though, I don’t think it’ll work with the new condoms.

do you need special batteries that go with that docking station kit?

I prefer rechargable AA’s instead of the custom battery packs, as they are interchangable between all different controllers and other gadgets. It’s nicer to have a big pile of 2800 NiMH AA’s with a couple of chargers than a separate battery and charger for every device.

The kits I’ve seen all come with custom battery packs.

  • Alan

I’ve noticed several occasions where my Wii has been turned off, but the lights at the bottom of the Wiimote will flash occasionally anyway, and then next time I use it the battery will have dipped down quite a bit. I’ve never been able to figure out what is happening there or why, but as a result I take the batteries out when I’m not playing it.

Any reviews or recommended units? Want something simple and fast, I dislike messing with rechargable double A batteries like I usually do.

I picked up the Nyko kit-

I highly recommend it- just pop the battery packs in, put on the new back with a rubber grip (very nice) and off you go. They don’t seem last as long as regular ones but … no matter.

Hey, my wii was glowing as well. I only recently got it so this is a first.
I turned it on expecting something to be different…but didn’t notice anything new. Aside from your batteries dying, did you find out what the glow was all about?

There should have been a mail message about the new controller coverings.

Yep, glowing blue slot means the Big N has a message for you.