DOA Bikinis

DOA Bikinis

“They are of Limited Edition and are expected to fly off the shelves.”

I see nothing really special about them. They might fly off the shelves if the models were in them, otherwise I really don’t see the appeal.

Blonde chick’s hot.

Paging wumpus.

Oh, you are so banned. So so BANNED.

i love these forums :D

I like the brunette better!

mmm good!

And that Johnny Depp is hott tooo.


Why Johnny Depp? Is it his pretty blue eyes?



Didn’t we talk about these 2 weeks ago? Or am I having Deja Vu.

i just wonder if you have to spend hours in the casino getting the money together to buy them.

Yeah we did Spoofy. Unless the real life models are rubbing baby oil on each other in the pix, I would rather see the close up knocker and crotch shots in the game. (Was that offensive to our female readers? My apologies.)

Speaking of which - how did the ladies of DOA Beach Volleyball not make it onto the P0rn Pretties thread?

Although I hate to contradict Tyler but I personally have a major preference for ogling the real deal as opposed to what the worlds best 3D programmers can do. Except for Dawn the nvidia fairy :shock:

My deep, deep between the lines point is that if I wanna see scantily clad women, I will look at girl-girl porn on the web or the Playboy that shows up conveniently on my doorstep around the first of each month. 3rd tier bathing suit models wearing overpriced swimwear is a poor substitute and the screens from the game are much more titilating.

I have a feeling not too many girls are buying those bikini’s

Why not do this with a new game…

A) Market the game to women.

B) Sell advertising to companies who will put their items IN the game (similar to The Sims).

C) Have a “store” in-game where you can order traditional reality items that are represented in-game.

So, for example, the game would feature attractive women tastefully dressed (in order to not offend women) which would (if the game was good) inspire women to buy the products.

This sort of integration should be happening more… I’m not sure what the hold up is.

Developers with the maturity level of your average acne encrusted serial masturbating teen nerd.