Doctor Who: 2007


Didn't see mention of this here... Lily Allen may be the next companion. Seems like they're keen on hiring pop stars for the role.


When is the Christmas special scheduled to air this year?


Who in the what now? What happened to Martha?


She's gone to Touchwood.


Christmas day


What happened to Catherine Tate?


All my love to long ago.


Nice, thanks for the reminder post - forgot this was coming up.


I've watched it three times now. Why can't it all be this good?

Why can't Torchwood be 1/10th this good?

EDIT: I just watched it again. Is it me, or did they just out The Master?


Why can't Stephen Moffat write every episode?


Short Confidential for the Children in Need Special.


"No, no beard. Well, a wife."

Oh, I get it!


Now we just pray they don't have The Master show up on Torchwood and hook up with Captain Jack.


I just saw 'Blink', which was surprisingly good. Really quite impressed.

And the same guy did the Empty Child as well? That was good too.


Did anyone download and/or watch any of the 10 part Sarah Jane adventures? I saw the pilot, but that's it - it seems to be more integrated with the relaunched show than Torchwood was, having villains like the Slitheen reappear, etc. It looks like the second season of Torchwood is also going to have more overlap with Who.


Yep. Steven Moffat. Girl In The Fireplace was the best of his, I think. Or Blink. I want someone to code a series of connected easter eggs into a line of DVDs.


So... Has everyone unwrapped their Christmas present from the BBC yet?

Not great, but not too bad. Typical Davies script, except a bit long.

And if you can't figure out what the Host are a callback to you get your fancard pulled.


For some reason I just can't get excited about it, and I haven't bothered torrenting it at all. :\


It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect from an RTD episode. But it's not one of his best by a long shot.


Any more news on the next companion? Seems as if Lily Allen is pregnant at the moment.