Doctor Who: 2007


I liked it too. What is up with the kid, though? He already seemed to have some strange powers of perception even before opening the watch; is he a reference to something from the old shows? IIRC, he opened the watch because he looked at it and thought "Time Lord".


Maybe he ends up being the mysterious Mister Saxon?


Seeing his own death by artillery shell during the coming Great War will most likely rule that out.


Possibly. He might only see possible futures, rather than his personal one. His name is also an anagram of "The Immortality", which some take to mean that he might be a very young Captain Jack.


But.... Captain Jack isn't psychic.


And I think Jack already said he was from the 31st century or thereabouts, the first time he appeared. Of course he could have been lying, which would be a little bit of a retcon but that's ok, since I doubt they really expected the character to be so popular and get his own crappy show and then come back to Doctor Who again.


Well, that was a decent episode. Certainly the best so far this season.

There are quibbles, but overall there was a story, and I found myself interested by it.


Yeah, i thought it might be Captain Jack as well, given what we know of his 20th century adventures (including in WW1). But they've actually really muddied his background, from his original appearance - time travelling cop/conman.


Keep in mind he has had large segments of his memories erased, therefor leaving openings that they can stick in whatever they want.


2nd part delivers.


That was great. Easily turned out be one of the best 2 parters in the series.


That was a keeper. Probably the best since "Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances".
No bow on the box with the Matron, which I thought was nice.

I will say that I'm getting a little tired of the "army of things that all look the same" stuff, but I'll let them get away with it on this one.


Man, the guy who played "Son of Mine" was creepy. Kinda like Crispin Glover in Charlie's Angels creepy.


My name is Cosmic Hippo, and I approve of this episode.


The funny thing is, he plays a stoner-esque Will Scarlet in The BBC's Robin Hood Series, so it was a total turnaround to what I'm used to seeing him as.

I liked the episode quite a bit, it was less frustrating to me than the last weeks. And I liked the bit at the end. :D


I liked the bit at the end, but I'm slightly uncomfortable with the Doctor as a "consigns people to eternal damnation" kind of guy. It totally fits with the "lonely god" schtick they've been going for since the new series started coming out, and I liked that they sort of explained why he ran away to begin with when he's pretty much untouchable in the TARDIS, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it, especially for an "all ages" show.

Still, that was pretty much my only problem with the two-parter, and it only occurred to me as an afterthought (which is why I didn't mention it at first). And I DO like the "lonely god" schtick. Each time they do something with that, they handle it very well.


I meant the whole treatment of the kid, and the wrapping up of his story. I think the whole thing with the treatment of the family kinda goes to show how alien he is, it's definitely not something John Smith would have done. And I think he was very angry at them for making him go through that. There have been other time lords who have been as ruthless (Rassilon) so I didn't think it was too out of character.


I'm so glad that they realized Tennant is good with the grim and steely angry and not so much the Eccleston shouty angry. I believe there was even an line about in the episode.


Yes!! About time they realized that. So much better than him trying to imitate Eccleston's intensity by being shouty, which really doesn't work for him.

Definitely the best story of the season. Only part I didn't like was the Doc causing the boys to retreat -- "I'm not going to allow any more of this", when "this" was "successfully defending yourself from an alien invasion" -- how the hell was madly retreating (which caused people to die and the area to be bombarded) more desirable than letting boys fire guns. I miss Jon Pertwee's 3rd Doctor "man of action" -- he was as anti-war/violence as any of the other iterations of the Doctors (and constantly admonished the Brigadier for that reason, as in the Silurians), but he wouldn't hesitate to kick butt when necessary.


Tonight's was another fantastic Moffat episode. Shame they had to do three Doctorless (kinda) episodes in a row though.