Doctor Who - Final 3 Specials on BBC America

For those with BBC America, the final 3 specials will be airing in a much more reasonable time frame this year:
[ul][li] The Waters of Mars - December 19th
[/li][li] The End of Time, Part One - December 26th (25th in UK)
[/li][*] The End of Time, Part Two - January 2nd (1st in UK)[/ul]

Can’t wrap my brain around the fact that we are three weeks out from becoming Tennant-less.

Thank goodness. Now we won’t have to worry about spoiling it for the torrent-less.

Still curious to see how the new kid does. But, yeah.

Looks like BBC America is going to be broadcasting nothing but [url=]Doctor Who for the first 2 days of 2010[/rul].

Looks like BBC America is going to be broadcasting nothing but Doctor Who for the first 2 days of 2010.

you are kidding? I fell asleep. Suddenly time lords shoot lightning bolts from their fingers and there is nothing but shouting and running down corridoors?
Bring back William Hartnell. I want a dr who that engages my brain, not just has explosions and guys shouting a lot.


I think he’d be a bit moldy if you brought him back…

I actually liked the scene with him and Wilfred. Nice to see the happy Doctor having a bit of a down day…

But more importantly, Russel-Davies-less and Steven-Moffat-full!

I watched The End of Time: Part 1 yesterday and am still confused about so, so many things. Hopefully the final episode will pay off and have it all make sense, but right now…my brain is much…

It’s not your fault. It was pretty crappy for a Part 1 of anything, especially a Part 1 of 2.

You have to already know the Saxon story line, what happened to end Donna’s travelling with the Doctor, what happened to the Gallifreyans (planet was destroyed and all but Doctor and Master presumed dead) amongst other things.

Poor setup for what I’m sure will be a rushed and muddled part 2.

That was a great scene.

Didn’t particularly like it as a whole though, nothing makes any sense. Multiple prophecies and ominous narrators and minute long cackling scenes and bizarre footraces, just so much stuff that is so far up its own ass. The worst habits of RTD. Can’t wait for Moffat to take over.

With time itself ending soon, cause and effect ceases to apply. This perfectly explains the general atmosphere of things happening at any moment for no reason.

Interesting reasoning for shoddy, rushed and confusing writing. ^_~

Also, after an opening lightning-shooting flying maniacal cackling narrated reversing chase scene, Part 2 will suddenly turn into something much like the final episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Its final spoken line, delivered while everyone applauds and cries and hugs, will be delivered right to the camera, and be “Write your way out of this, Moffat!”

It seems like RTD really is writing for eight-year-old kids most of the time.
Lots of cool stuff, loosely hung together. Spikey aliens and high-speed turkey consumption!

Eh. While I was thrilled to have Simm back, I felt like it started great and then went cheesy bad, as it is prone to do. As soon as I saw the chin of the guy doing the big bad speech thing, I knew it was the Time Lords cause of the red and yellow and really, who else would that be?

I have a feeling the Master and the Doctor are going to end up joining together and that’s what the ‘You will join’ thing was at the beginning, much like ‘Doctor Donna’ and how it was misunderstood until the end.

Simm looks like he had a god damn fantastic time shooting those last scenes though.

I can’t disagree with a lot of the comments here. Some nonsense dialog, some Doctor-does-something-dumb, way too much of the laughing man cackling. The above, though, is kind of silly. It’s the last two episodes of this run of the show and they expect you to have watched the show? Gosh. What a crazy notion.

…Bond. James Bond.

But…I do know all of those things…and it still made no sense…hell, YOU make no sense…^_~