Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker, Thirteenth Doctor

I don’t know what a sonic screwdriver is in reference to Dr. Who since I haven’t seen the relevant episodes, but this really made me laugh.

Like Arthur Dent!

The sonic screwdriver is the Dr’s tool that he uses for just about everything. from opening doors to hacking computers. And I think what they are getting it is that it looks like a vibrator. All the other ones had a vaguely lightsaber look to them. This one does not, at least from that picture

Here’s what the toy version looks like. Other than the buttons, I assume it’s very closely based on the prop.

What make an impression on me is the insectile lower half.

During the comic con panel they did say “there was a story” to it in the first episode. Looks like an insectoid appendage and is more “curvy” - ie feminine than its earlier counterparts?

Was there ever a story context for the sonic ray bans, or did Capaldi just rock up with them one day?

Pretty sure the story was two writers made a drunken bet…

There was never a story for the sonic sunglasses. Like midichlorians, some things are best left unsaid…

I am, frankly, just excited to have the sonic screwdriver back in any capacity. Almost as excited as I am to have a new creative team taking over. They certainly can’t be any worse than what Capaldi got stuck with.

Or the sonic screwdriver, when it was unveiled in 1968, for that matter.

It eventually got a backstory in Eccleston’s run, if not before then.

“You’ve been to [this-or-that factory]? You can’t get back there now.” ~The Dreamy Captain Jack Harkness
“Like I said, once!” ~The Doctor

Watched this via the BBC America Simulcast today through Youtube TV. Started about 10 minutes late waiting on the gf to get herself situated, which had the upshot of me being able to semi-live-DVR past the commercial breaks, which there were a TON of. Man, how the fuck do people watch live, non-streamed TV with that garbage???

Anyway, that aside, I thought it was a super solid first ep. Whittaker was just amazing, the villain was all sorts of spooky, and there was a ton of the ham-fisted schmaltz I crave from Doctor Who.

The tone was way darker than I counted on, and the lighting, too. The companions I don’t have a great read on yet, at least in part because a couple of their accents really taxed me when piped through my TV’s god awful speaker. The ep also felt way less like a fullscale reboot starting point type ep than I was counting on (e.g., Season 5 kicking things off with Smith, or 1 with Eccleston, of course–this was more like a Tennant or Capaldi first ep). Sure some hurried explanations of the basics, but the show was very willing to just kick off running and not linger spelling everything out right up front. Going TARDIS-less episode 1 probably helped alleviate the need to “As you know, Bob” quite so much.

Production values were surprisingly solid, and the dialog was good. The music basically passed by me unnoticed, which is sad, as Gold’s soundtracks were amazing.

Overall, I’d call it a good start, and I’m definitely excited to see more. The lack of a pointed, on-the-nose season-long mystery box hook was a huge relief after years of having my favorite scifi show abused by Moffat, too.

I was a bit underwhelmed, but no more than I usually am with a regeneration episode. I’m unclear as to what Whittaker’s Doctor’s distinctive personality is supposed to be, other than Sheffield pride. The episode also felt a bit like a Who 101 for new viewers, as if they’re expecting the casting to bring in a lot of first timers.

Did you guys watch the same episode?

I don’t think British people are allowed to enjoy things. Only suffer through life with a stiff upper lip, and complain about the common folk.

There was some of that stuff. There always is in regeneration episodes.

But less than I counted on. With new Doctor, companions, overall plot line, and showrunner going into this, I expected to be treated as a soft reboot / starting point episode, which we haven’t had in about a decade. While this definitely IS a great starting point, the writing didn’t hammer that as loudly and firmly as I went in expecting.

Too true, I didn’t even watch it and it was turgid ;)

I assume because of the vagaries of licensing this is available to stream as of last night but not broadcast until Friday…streaming has unavoidable but shorter ads, whereas I can record the broadcast & fast forward through the much longer ads…decisions

Finally caught the premier episode and… I am having really hard time hearing what The Doctor is saying, I don’t know if she isn’t talking loud enough or its her accent, but everyone else seems to have clear pronunciation.

I thought I would like her new outfit from the promo pics I saw, and when it was on TV, I did not like it. :)

Other than that I enjoyed the story and the introduction to all the new cast, oh one last thing, is it just me or is the camera work significantly different from previous years?

Ok one more last thing, the new sonic looks horrible.

You may be happy to know hearing aids are a lot less conspicuous these days, lol. More seriously, there were a couple of low volume moments I noticed, but I could otherwise pick her up fine. Probably a new crew getting used to everything and everyone.

The TV goes up to 50 volume bars, and I am only at 47! ;)

I ran with subtitles, yes, I’ve given up on looking hip…