Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker, Thirteenth Doctor


He was pretty creepy with me and my friends when we were at a convention and 15 years old.


Gotta agree here. Emotional schmaltz is a recent outlier tactic. The series *is * about cheesy sci fi. And is at its best when it probes things like dimensional theories, etc.

God no more “romantic tension”. I really blame Russell T Davies fro that nonsense, and am still peeved at Moffat for not reeling it back in.

Ok, Dess, you can’t hit and run with that one. Dish.


The moment I’m thinking of is from Eccleston’s run. This cheesy little tank with a plunger is the biggest bad that ever there was, with its silly special effects & catchphrases. Yet the show wrenches a beautiful moment of vulnerability from both the dalek & the Doctor when the dalek realizes “I am alone in the universe?” and the Doctor finds himself empathizing with his mortal enemy, revealing himself both to us & to, well, himself. It was poignant in a context that had no right to be.

That is the human emotion in the face of absurdity that makes Who Who. It was increasingly cheapened as the Moffat years went on. I’m not talking about cheap, forced sentimentality. I’m talking about genuine emotion in silly circumstances.


It would derail this thread entirely and is Kevin Spacey-bad.


OK, Start a “Kevin Spacey-Bad Moments” thread. You GOTTA tell this story!


Meh, I also didn’t want to get into this because it’s not exactly flattering to me, but consists of Creepy sexual advances that I was initially oblivious to, as I just didn’t see them coming, even though he invited us to his hotel room and offered us booze.

It was in 1984 in Buffalo and my dad had driven me, my friend, and my sister to the convention - we had met Jon Pertwee, who was always my favorite Doctor as I both liked his style (cranky old man scientist who liked gadgets and actually physically fought the monsters).

We met JNT - He asked us to come back to his hotel room to show us Caves of Androzani, which hadn’t aired locally although it had in Britain, so it was an irresistible invitation. Just my friend and I went, not my (older) sister, although I do think she was invited and that was just her choice. We thought there would be other people there too, but there was just JNT, his companion, and me and my friend.

He did show Caves of Androzani to us (it was divided into two parts, not 4, as it aired), but also kept trying to get us to drink more and wanted us to sit with him and started putting his hand on my friend’s leg. His companion said some increasingly salacious things, but didn’t do anything physically. It was really terrible, in hindsight - he wouldn’t let me leave until I lay on the couch (on my back) and let him hug me by putting his head on my chest, and lying in that position for a couple of minutes.

I was creeped out by it (even more so now, having shed my naivety), but I surprisingly non-chalant - by that point I knew he liked us, but I just viewed it like an ugly girl hitting on me - while I was mad in hindsight for letting him do that, I never would have allowed anything (more) overtly sexual, or the removal of any of his clothes or anything.

It was kind of a dangerous situation though, as there was just me and my friend, and JNT and his companion - it probably was more damaging than I realize, as both my friend and I felt guilty for years (maybe even now) that maybe it was our fault, which is completely retarded. We were just naive kids who didn’t even consider that he might have ulterior motivations. I don’t hate him - he was just gross and pathetic.

I can intellectualize how it wasn’t that meaningful to me, but I did feel trapped and obliged to be polite, etc. A moment that I think affected my comfort with intimacy and made me much more cynical and distrustful of people after that. It probably says something that I’m publicly revealing that despite being a relatively private guy who even wrote under a pseudonym.



Thanks for sharing, and I hope it helped get some kind of burden off our chest. I am glad nothing dangerous or really damaging resulted from that encounter.

When we were kids (I was born in '71) those things weren’t placed on our radar, the way they should be/are to kids today.

I had always heard stories from people who attended cons that spoke of his seediness and creepiness, but nothing quite to this level. To the point where I am shocked to hear of it, but not completely surprised, if that makes any sense?


Up to episode 5. Mostly meh on the series overall, but the new Doctor is all right I think. At least, I don’t actively dislike her as much as I’ve disliked most of the Doctors since Eccleston’s.

The Pting is my new favorite Whoverse alien.


The most enjoyable part for me so far is the relationships between the companions, especially Rory & Graham.


This has been super fun for me too. I am just adoring Graham. Also I think Whittaker is doing a fantastic job.


Catching up, I am on the Kerblam! episode and enjoying it so far, still some of the stories have been weak to average this season.


Production has really slowed in the last few years. Wonder if they’ll move to every other year as the new normal.


I would say the writing has been more than weak, its been pretty terrible.

They just keep on with the “we know this doesn’t make sense, so talk fast and spout nonsense” crap. Can’t anyone at the BBC write a script that makes sense?


It certainly has; I wonder if there’s a money crunch going on.


As a man who went to high school and college in the 1980s, I approve of that jacket and haircut combination.


Yeah… I started the season with enthusiasm and after 6 episodes, I’ve basically lost interest.


I skipped most of this season and just caught the finale. So y’all are saying the ancient big bad being defeated by a companion accidentally shooting him in the foot is about the level of writing I missed out on?


Finished up the India split episode and the Witch Hunter episode, I still have 2 episodes to go. The casting is top notch this season, but the stories are indeed the weak link again, just like last season.


Completely agree. I just want them to get a new showrunner at this point.

The show is not the Dr. Who I am used to.


Seems like its gonna happen!

Slightly old news as we know Jodie will be back.