Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker, Thirteenth Doctor


As I said upthread, the most enjoyable thing for me this series, by a country mile, has been the companions, and particularly the relationship between Graham & Ryan. I think those two have been absolutely brilliant.

I haven’t minded Jodie Whittaker, but she seems like a female David Tennant to me, with a dash of Matt Smith added to the mix. I hope she is allowed to develop more to put her own individual stamp on the show. I don’t think there is any lack of ability there.

A few of the episodes I did enjoy a lot, but others were very pedestrian and too easily resolved.

So overall a bare pass I suppose, but I understand the viewpoint of others who are not satisfied.


What a boring finale with a lot of stuff going on, how the hell do they make a episode of Dr Who boring. Also this might have been the worst villain ever.

So yep… Graham and Ryan are great, Yasmin is alright but having three companions seems one too many and she seems to have very little to do. I think looking at the season from start to finish the issue I am having is our New Doctor is missing the Gravitas that I very much enjoyed with Capaldi, and even Smith and Tennant had to some degree in later seasons even if they were younger actors playing an old Time Lord.

Maybe the new years special will be good?


Yeah, the finale was weak. Not truly bad (eg - Sleep No More), but certainly not up to standard.

I really enjoy Whitaker’s version of The Doctor, but the one thing I’ve noticed is she’s always … well, right. One of the things I’ve about Doctor Who is how it explores imperfection despite the massive intellect and breadth of experience The Doctor has. Whitaker has yet to have that “Oh, $#!t” moment which all the other Doctors seemed to embrace and grow from.


Disappointing to hear the writing never picked up… I thought the first episode was quite fun, but the next few were dull enough to make me lose interest. Which ones are the most interesting this season?


So wait…that was the finale? It sure didn’t feel like a finale. It was fun and silly though.


Yep season finale, it was not good. :p


So the New Years special , you can tell a lot of money was tossed into making it, but the show just doesn’t feel right.

I think it’s the writing, there is just something missing.



I can see how the writers might be trying to address some of the hallmarks of the last two or three seasons, some of which were shortcomings–convoluted plots, a preponderance of multi-part episodes, lots of companion-centric drama, strange choices about classic elements (sonic sunglasses??)–by going with straightforward stories and making Whittaker’s personality very classic Doctor. It feels like they have overcompensated a bit, or maybe just haven’t managed to find the spark in what could be decent episode ideas.


As readers of the What’s Happened thread may know, I’ve been stuck with limited mobility for a while. Figuring this was an opportunity to take advantage of, I subscribed to Britbox and watched all the original Doctor Who series over the last couple of months. Took a lot of breaks…there’s way too much to truly binge! But I finished it up just recently, and I gotta say, I really enjoyed the trip.

My personal favorite old-school Doctor has got to be the Third, Jon Pertwee. Loved the actor, he had some of the better companions (Liz and Sarah Jane were both great…Jo was meh), lots of the Brigadier, and Bessie! Even the weird aircar thing he did was cool.


I occasionally go back an watch the old Doctors, glad you enjoyed them. The 3rd is many people’s favorite. He does have a certain charm.


Pertwee was campy and could be a lot of fun. And the “backstory” on the Doctor at that time was that he had been banished to Earth by Gallifrey, so they could work with VERY low budget just filming countryside, and making big rubber suits. Even more than usual.

My favorite would be Patrick Troughton. He was just SOOOO manic, just fun to watch physically.


No one else watched the new years special?


Still haven’t watched the last 3 episodes. Just can’t bring myself to carry on… The show has just become so boring and rote.


It was fine. Better than most specials, which are usually terrible. And better than the average quality of this season. But I can already barely remember it.


I am eternally contaminated by the PBS rotation of the early '80s. It’s Tom Baker forever, for me.


OH yikes, totally forgot about it.


It was sorta memorable, but still not in a good way.


I watched the new years special and have a little trouble remembering it, well the details, i remember the bad guy and such. it was more serious than most Xmas specials.

i didnt watch the season until it completed. A friend said he didnt like it and stopped watching. So i went in with low expectations and enjoyed the season. I started watching the 2005 with my son who was 6 or so, and watching it with a little kid definitely puts you in a different frame of mind. I generally turn off critical thinking and enjoy the spectacle or weirdness or whatever. My son doesnt watch it anymore but i still do.

While the 4th doctor is my favorite (the first doctor i watched), the first classic Who that my son saw was Tomb of the Cybermen which is great. i hadn’t seen many other 2nd Dr show until Twitch did the Dr Who marathon last fall. he was good, what was the one were he plays the Dr and the bad guy… i will have to look to buy that one on DVd.


Tomb of the Cybermen (I loved the Capaldi throwback too) & the early dalek episodes really were good enough to immortalize those baddies. So eery no matter how many times you watch.


I remember “The Web of Fear” quite vividly considering I was very young…yetis wandering around the London Underground…for many years most of the episodes were lost but they found 4 of the 6 in Nigeria of all places in 2013. Episode 3 is still missing.

I remember Tomb of the Cybermen well also…a good one.