Yes? No?

I thought Starsky and Hutch was okay, and I really liked Old School, but I’m nervouse about this one. What’s the verdict?

69% on Rotten Tomatoes

I think I’ll just watch the Lost in Time episode of Sealab 2021 again to get my dodgeball related humor fix. I’m assuming that the dodgeball itself the only thing separating this from any other Ben Stiller movie. Let me know if I’m wrong.

It’s by a new director, and the clips look REALLY funny.

How many times are people going to go see Stiller play the same couple of types of characters over and over? They must be the same ones who keep paying to see the crap Adam Sandler keeps pushing put.

Better than expected and surprisingly funny.

As for people playing the same character, Vince Vaughn should be the one in the spotlight. Stiller actually changed up his usual thing.

It’s worth seeing if you’re a fan of out of control comedy. It started really slow, but it picked up pretty quick. Perhaps there was a ton of ad-libbing on the set?

I guess it’s not so much a time machine as it is… a dodgeball cannon!

It started off a little slow, likely due to the difficulty in setting up the premise but once Rip Torn is on the scene I was in tears almost through the end.

Plus it has Christine Taylor, science’s answer to the question “can you clone us a new Marsha Brady since the original has gotten old and decided to become a country music wannabe?”

Saw this yesterday and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, and I was pretty psyched about seeing it. You certainly have to be in a goofy comedy mood though. All the obvious jokes are there, but they worked for the most part. The Lance Armstrong scene was pretty great.

“ESPN 8: The Ocho”

Lance Armstrong scene was great, and Stiller’s character was funny in small doses, but otherwise I thought this movie was pretty terrible. The number of fat, gay and vomit jokes tilted this movie into the “I feel unclean watching this movie” category.

Anyone stay through the credits and catch the last scene?

Throughout the movie, I mostly kept thinking to myself, “that Steve the Pirate guy looks like he’s related to Michael Douglas”. Same eyes, same jaw.

I thought it was great though, Stiller’s character notwithstanding. All the other characters were pretty much comedic versions of believable personalities, Stiller’s was just way too hammy.

Lots of great cameos, all of them great. Lance Armstrong got the best line.

Lots of funny little touches, like at the end with the high school guy getting his girlfriend pregnant.

I am pretty sure it is also the guy from Firefly. Although I think he had blonde short hair for that.

Which character is he playing in this movie? Is it the “Something About Mary” guy, or “Zoolander”?


It’s a good movie though. I saw it twice. I can totally see how this movie was conceived… a bunch of guys were hanging out on a Sunday getting totally stoned and watching Saturday evening TV or something, and they were watching Comedy Central and Baseketball came on, then they flipped to the Cartoon Network and the Lost in Time episode of Sealab was on, then there was a commercial that went “You got your peanut butter in my chocolate, no, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter”.

Hilarious. Great cameos throughout, although the choice of actor to play the Dodgeball commissioner seemed somewhat arbitrary. All the others made perfect sense, though.

And this movie is destined to have the best final line of 2004.

What happened at the very end of the credits?

fuckin’ Chuck Norris!

Best joke in the movie.

Ben Stiller danced to hip-hop music in his fatsuit. As stress on the eyeballs goes, it wasn’t quite an eels-flying-out-of-a-vagina moment, but it was up there, saved only by the knowledge that the fat wasn’t real.


Best joke in the movie.[/quote]
Agreed, with “They’d better chickety-check themselves before they wreck themselves” getting my vote for most under-rated line.