Does 10000 Maniacs belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

As someone who’s been following the band since the beginning, I’m not capable of an unbiased answer to this question :).

Was wondering what some other opinions might be, since they’re eligible for induction next year.


But seriously: seriously? 10,000 Maniacs? Has anyone listened to them since, say, 1995? And aren’t they only famous for a single cover? I always thought of them as a one hit wonder.

Seriously? It’s like nominating A-Ha.

While 10KM hasn’t exactly had massive hit success, they have had an influence on a lot of others (a la New York Dolls, the Ramones, the Stooges, and many other bands that lacked massive commercial success but are listed as common influences for others).

They only really ever had that one great album, “In My Tribe”. And while it’s true that Natalie Merchant spawned a million Lilith Fair imitators, I’d hardly speak of them in the same breath as the Velvets/Stooges/Ramones. Making the world safe for girls wearing peasant dresses and army boots doesn’t mean you belong in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame.

Just don’t tell my wife I said so.

I am just shocked someone cares who gets into the rock hall.

Yeah, thanks to 10,000 Maniacs, Peter Buck started noodling around with a mandolin and sent REM spiralling into a typhoon of wussiness from which they’d never escape.

I’d like to take that fucking mandolin and beat the guy to death with it.

In any event, 2 solid albums (IN MY TRIBE and OUR TIME IN EDEN) don’t make up for the pretentiousness of the pre-TRIBE stuff, or the treacly BLIND MAN’S ZOO.

I could buy them getting in on the “influential” ticket, but it seems a little too soon for them to get in that way.

I did a quick check on Music Plasma ( ). The 10,000 Maniacs “universe” is actually pretty small.


If I was a lesbian (and there is nothing wrong with that), Natalie M. spinning around would do it for me!

Aren’t you male? I’m cornfuzzled.

Aren’t you male? I’m cornfuzzled.[/quote]

No, she’s a transexual.

Don’t take it too hard. REM sucked pre-Mandolin as well.

Don’t take it too hard. REM sucked pre-Mandolin as well.[/quote]

An interesting revisionist history, but also an incorrect one.

MURMUR and RECKONING are both brilliant records, “Chronic Town” kicks ass, and even FABLES has some weirdly interesting things going on. And they recorded kick-ass Aerosmith and Velvets covers, once upon a time. Side one of DOCUMENT might be one of the last great album sides recorded as a unified theme before the CD age took hold.

Everyone’s too cool for Automatic for the People and Monster these days, I guess.

Dude, Heart of Rock and Roll! WTF?

(did you move?)


p.s. We have an ENORMOUS baseball bat.

Flashback to 1983,
Chronic Town was their first EP
Later on came Reckoning
Finster’s art, and titles to match:
South Central Rain, Don’t Go Back To Rockville,
Harbourcoat, Pretty Persuasion,
You were born to be a camera,
Time After Time was my least favourite song,

  • Pavement, “Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence”

The mandolin:rock ratio sucks on an REM album by that point.

The mandolin:rock ratio sucks on an REM album by that point.[/quote]

No mandolin on Monster at all, I don’t think, and I was always under the impression that Automatic was widely considered their best album.

I always liked Monster best, probably not their best album, but the one I can listen to over and over the most.

You mean, a bunch of bands that sucked that influenced a bunch of other bands that sucked?

(The fucking Ramones?!?!?!)

They haven’t had massive hit success, but they hardly did anything noteworthy, either.