Does Age of Empires III multiplayer just not work?

I had to learn how to write bpf packet filters to get my X-Box online, while pretty much every PC game I’ve tried Just Plain Works, so…no.

Yes but it doesn’t sound like the reason it isn’t working is clear cut because he CAN connect SOMETIMES to Age 3 games.

Except that each game involves different people on different machines. The connection issues would require you to be able to get a bidirectional connection with all of the machines in the game.


Thanks, I’ll take a look (and try to control my boiling rage:)).

EDIT: Yeah, I give up. I went through every item on the list, one by one, and did it. Nothing helped. I don’t get it, I’ve gone from murderous rage to just being bummed out. It’s off to eBay I guess.

Well, I’m on a mission now. I’m also paranoid that Rise of Legends won’t work, and if that doesn’t work on day 1, you may here a small “pop” as my head explodes.

So I went out to BestBuy and bought two new different routers, one wireless, one regular. I will try both of those in every possible configuration I can think of. If that does not work, I will then switch from DSL to cable to see if it is the internet service provider.

Presumably if it is on my end, one of these things should work.

New router did not work. Changing the settings for my TCP/IP connection did not work.