Does anyone care about Tara Reid's Boob popping out?

Someone might.

It came out when I was chillin’ at P. Diddy’s party.

She’s just trying to get attention since her movie career disappeared.


Won’t be able to look till I’m away from work.

Heard a bit about it on the radio today. I guess they had plastic surgeons commenting on her alteration.

I like Tara Reid, for 29 (just turned today), she looks like she’s stayed up way too late.

The full series of photos do absolutely nothing to make me think of her as washed up trailer park trash in regards to her current look.

Even worse is how the full series of photos kind of highlights how she’s standing perfectly in front of a bunch of photographers, begging the question of just how “accidental” this whole thing was.

That and I find my own nipples far more attractive than that distorted blob.

“Frankentit” is one description I’ve read.

— Alan

She’s the top entry today on (NSFW, if you couldn’t guess).

Do breast modifications go beneath the nipple like that? I thought it was always under the breast/around the armpit? Regardless, it is absolutely revolting to look at.

And you know she was milking it because the series of six or seven shots a good four or five of them were breast shots.

Apparently they go through tbe belly button now.

No joke.


From what I’ve heard, those awful nipple scars are there because Tara Reid got both implants AND a tit-lift, and while implants are usually put in with little visible scar nowadays, the lift surgery required going through the nipple.

That’s just ummm… unsexy.

The reason that her nipples look fucked up is not necessarily because they went in through the nipple. When the breast’s size is increased, the nipple is often stretched. This also happens with “late bloomers,” women who experience significant breast growth in their late teens.

Yeah but the scar surrounding the nipple wouldn’t be there just from stretching. So it looks like they either went through the nipple or they had to do this:

When deciding where to cut the pocket in the breast, the surgeon must predict what the breasts will look like once the implants are filled. In more extreme augmentation surgeries, this involves repositioning the nipple, adjusting for cleavage and creating a new crease under the breast.

Either way, she got butchered.

It would seem a lot of people are in fact intersted in the current state of Ms. Reid’s boob. Glad I could be of service and bring this pressing and vital issue to the forefront of our concerns here at Qt3.

And in closing, I’d still do 'er.

You are a broken man.

You are a broken man.[/quote]
Just honest. :)

Well, using my best pr0n hunting skillz, i found an avi file that shows the whole incident. It doesn’t look staged. It looks like she genuinely didn’t realize her breast was bared. That same set of searches also found clips and images of her pre-boob job. I don’t care if her nipples tended to point a little downwards, her boobies looked better before than after. And I’m with Tyjenks: I can overlook the unsexy boobies and still do her. ;)

You are a broken man.[/quote]
Just honest. :)[/quote]

She’s in Las Vegas all the time, swing by the Palms on your next trip out. You have a better than reasonable chance of seeing her in the flesh. :)

Surely, that’s the point.