Does anyone care that the White Sox won?

I’m not getting any vibe, even from the few Chicagoans I knew. I guess everyone is a Cubs fan?

I’m pretty happy, since as a Giants fan I want to see all the teams with World Series droughts get a championship. The Giants are third on the list now. I want them to get up to #1 so that there will be some extra pressure on the ownership to win a World Series. Of course, this hasn’t worked with the Cubs, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Who is number 2 on the list?




Franchise Years since WS Win
Chicago Cubs 97
Cleveland 57
Giants 51

White Sox fan here.

Although the Cardinals will always be my team and the squad I’m passionate about, the White Sox were my “hobbyist” team. When I lived in Wicker Park and then Oak Park for 5 years, getting to New Comiskey was an easy “spur-of-the-moment” thing to do (no such thing with the Cubs), and since the Sox sucked, you could buy a cheap ticket and then go sit in box seats behind the dugout.

I was there for the Jim Parquet/Mike Sirotka/Todd Ritchie years. I’m very happy that the Cardinals didn’t have to play them (getting rolled in four straight in consecutive years would’ve sucked), and reasonably happy the ChiSox won.


You must only know Northsiders, then. I’ve got South Side roots (my mom grew up there), and people I know are insanely happy.

There’s a huge division between North/South baseball fans in Chicago, I don’t know anybody that roots for both the Cubs and the White Sox. My mom told me a story that when the Sox won the league pennant in 1959, they sounded the air raid sirens in Chicago to celebrate. Many people on the North Side panicked and started to evacuate the city because they thought it was an attack (beginning stages of the Cold War), not having a clue that the White Sox were champs.

Yes but to be honest I didn’t really care who won the series as long as they brought it to a swift end. I want my Rome and Lost back, damnit!

Now I can’t get Moby’s “Southside” out of my head. Thanks a lot, ST.


I was hoping the Astros could pick it up when they went back to Houston, but always seemed just a step behind. Nevertheless a pretty good run for a wildcard. When they lost game 4 in extra innings it was clear the series was over.

Well considering Game 4 was the last game and it was the sweep game, it was clear the series was over…

I’m guessing you mean Game 3 :)

— Alan

1, 2, … 5! Three sir! Right, 3! Yea i meant 3 :).