Does anyone have any idea how well The Sims Online is doing?

I just read this review on GamerDad, thinking it would give me an idea of how this game was going, one year on, but it reads as if it was written last year, despite the date. Surely there aren’t still 100,000 people on the servers, as I have been under the impression that the game was a terrible flop. I do remember enjoying the beta, in that “social experiment” kind of way, I just hated the graphics, the interface, the lag and the leveling grind of constantly playing pizza maker. I would be interested to know how it developed.

Sorry for the confusion Tim. It was written just after the game came out, yes. (That’s why it isn’t linked to the front page.) It’s an “archive review” for parents doing their Holiday shopping, it’s not for people wondering how The Sims Online is doing now. Maybe I should state that more plainly in the the introduction (and remove the 100,000 player claim).

I notice Blue linked to it… that wasn’t expected.

Ah, I didn’t notice your name at the bottom of the review until now. Thanks for clearing that up, although I am still interested if anyone knows how it is doing. I guess it doesn’t still have the 100,000 odd users it did last year?

A link to the review in question, as the url/url functionality of these forums appears disabled:

SirBruce’s bigass chart of MMOG subscribers:

It doesn’t go passed July though.

That’s a really great link, UC. It says that EA haven’t announced any figures since they gave a total of 97,000 in July. That leads the guy who runs the site to conclude that figures have been dropping since.

That would be my guess. The game has zero buzz and isn’t easy to find on the retail shelves anymore.

It’s all over Toys R Us, WalMart, and Target though Mark. At least hereabouts it is.

Since I’m an EA employee, the only thing I’m sure I can say about TSO is “It’s not meeting expectations.”

Interpret that as you will.

But it’s still the best cybersex pizza parlor w/ home decorating simulation money can buy.

One reason it might be scarce on shelves right now is that EA has a “new and improved” version slated for release at the end of the month.

Maybe they can drive sales with a bonus offer. FREE N-Gage with every Sims Online Subscription!

That’s okay, it didn’t meet players’ expectations either. And by that I mean: the target audience for a pay-to-play Sims games has five Sims expansions, and TSO gives you only a fraction of the content, objectives, locations, and interactions available in the offline game (with expansions). All for only $50 plus $10 a month! WOO!!

The game just wasn’t ready yet when it launched. Not because it was buggy, but because there’s wasn’t nearly enough to do nor enough content. They should have had shops, pets, four times the amount of objects and decorations, 10X the number of clothes, and at least a dozen more group activities.

I pop in from time to time and they’ve actually added a good deal of that stuff. With the pretty cool sounding new “jobs” feature they’re adding where you go work at the robot factory or whatever doing group activities with other people, they’re finally giving you a reason to play online besides chatting.

The shape the game will be in THIS Xmas is the shape it should have been in when it launched a year earlier. And then it should have grown with lots of added content from there.

Naturally, the suits at EA will do all kinds of research and try to come up with all kinds of explanations about why the game didn’t do well. And never once will it occur to them that the #1 problem is that it’s just plain not very good compared to the offline Sims and expansions that all the fans have.

It is currently selling on Amazon for $9.99, including the first month free. So they are basically giving it away.