Does anyone have that "Rouge Squadron" image?

You know the one I mean. It’s so awesome. Was it a Sparky creation?

I did a QT3 search and got some results, but nothing that contained the image. Using a text-based search to find an image is always a leap of faith anyway.

Help me out, yo!

Nobody? Nobody? C’mon! It’s the altered cover of the GameCube Rogue Squadron game.

What’s special about it?

Look at the spelling and take a guess.

I thought I had a copy saved, but no dice. Sorry. As a consolation prize, though, I do have the best Star Wars Valentine ever:

You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

That’s what you were so desperate to find?

Yeah, that was pretty stupid looking. Why would you want that?

Obviously because he liked it and found it amusing. Why would you ask rhetorical questions instead of just directly insulting him and skipping the foreplay?

Google is your friend…

Because some people can ask questions like that which actually mean, “Why were you so interested in that?”

You know, like, “I don’t get it,” or, “Why do you find that amusing,” where they actually mean what they say?

It’s not like anyone spit on him or something. Sheesh.

Because it’s awesome.

Is that Tom Chick?

I wasn’t asking you. I was being a dick specifically to your brother-in-honest-wonderment, but I guess I should have quoted. Oddly enough, I can actually believe you weren’t trying to be condescending with your question. My bad for not making that more clear.

Yeah, I know, it read pretty dick to me too, which wasn’t what I was trying to be. If we were face to face, I’d have had an upraised eyebrow and been very polite about it. The image was pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting, and it looked kinda dumb (no offense), so I was curious what he wanted it for.

Next time (god forbid) I’ll just skip the editorializing on the image, because I’d rather just knowdun dun dun the answer.

My bad. Sorry about that.

Hug it out, bitches.

i always liked “yoda one for me”

wumpus, is that a real game cover? If so, why does Wedge have all that excess make-up?

russellmz00, the fuck star wars one with the tie fighter is also pretty sweet.