Does anyone know what happened to Vic Davis?

Holy crap. Immediately bought!

I’m double-dipping the ever living poop outta this.

Hope this sells well. Considering all the crap available on Steam it’s way past due.

Did my part to try to get Steam’s algorithms to notice this release!

Thanks! everyone. It was a long time coming. Soren actually convinced me that I could do it on my own. :)

I’m going to try and get Occult Chronicles up once I fix a difficulty issue that I can address by changing the data files. I’d like to get Solium Infernum up too, but that looks to be much more difficult. I would have to make some significant changes with my own key system and things get messy for a variety of reasons.

Yes! Occult Chronicles was kind of before it’s time. I hope you can get that out there.


Ooh nice. Rebuy time!

I’d love it if you could get Six Gun Saga up too.

I want to just echo this. It’s crazy how many of the mechanics I see in a lot of boardgames – especially horror-themed boardgames – seem to have borrowed from OC. I’d love to have a Steam version of it!

Add me to the list of instant purchasers of Occult Chronicles. After SI it’s my favorite of Vic’s games.


Hey it’s got zero reviews on Steam. Make sure you review it, everyone.

Yay! Another vote for Six Gun Saga and Occult Chronicles. I’d buy them all (again) if they were available.

Six Gun Saga is a game that never leaves my hard drive.

We need a Armageddon Empires mod for Shadow Empire.

Same here. I’d buy them all again if you put them there, Vic.

So awesome!

Third book of the Pilgrim’s Path trilogy is out!

There’s been a Vic Davis sighting in the Steam Summer Sale thread, where he promised an Armageddon Empires trilogy! ;)

I’d turn my sister over to Al Qaeda for a new game from Vic.


New book by Vic Davis is out on Amazon!

I can’t keep up!

Congrats Vic!