Does anyone know what happened to Vic Davis?

Please let us know when it releases!

I was hoping Vic would announce a career in musical theater. Disappointing.

I thought this thread was about Vic Ireland.

I came in thinking a reunion show of The Shield.

But that ending was too perfect. I wouldn’t want it.

Crushed Yellow Onion Acceleration?

Create Your Own Abbreviation, apparently.


There’s an old saying, ‘when the archaeologists arrive, the gods depart’. I think that holds true on almost anything. It’s hard to see the forest when you get used to having to look at every tree. The same thing happened to me with music. I can’t hear songs the way I used to when I was a kid, as a whole/single thing. I hear every part, every instrument, every effect. I also had a friend who studied astronomy in college, and told me it ruined the night sky for him, because he could never just look up and see stars anymore, he saw all the patterns.

I really like this. Thanks.

So I had that disembodied phrase and I also had this odd idea about travel to other “Universes.” I had been watching a lot of youtube videos about eternal inflation, the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics and a bunch of Sir Roger Penrose interviews on CCC (conformal cyclic cosmology) and when thinking about this whole other reality thing, it occurred to me that we just assume that if you could travel there, the physics would be just the same. That is to say you would appear there with your body and your brain and all the information stored in your neural connections. The famous Star Trek episode Mirror Mirror runs on this premise.

But what if travel to another universe ended up translating you there but you ended up in a very different form? What if the physics and laws there were completely different?

Thus was born my idea for my debut (and perhaps last) novel titled “Send Us Your Armies.”

So it’s at the copy editor right now. I hope to have it up on Amazon in 6 weeks or so. It would make the perfect gift for the holidays for your favorite sci fi or fantasy geek. Not sure about the price. Something in the range of a latte in a high cost of living city.

FWIW, having done astro in college, I experienced the opposite.

Thank god he didn’t study gynecology.

Thank god you didn’t study proctology.

Ha! Beautiful, well done. [citizen kane clapping.gif]

I don’t understand the objection, what’s wrong with enjoying the calm contemplation of ani?

I worked at a restaurant and lost a lot of weight because I no longer found food appetizing.

Nothing at all, I just have a complete weakness for dumb jokes. :D Like this is the height of humor for me:

Ok, end of derail.

I am very much looking forward to buying the new book, and anything else that is released as part of the Davis-verse.

Cool to read that you’re “active” again, Vic (well, in the creative sphere at least - I’ve noticed you commenting around the place every once in a while). Best of luck with this (and if you get tempted to delve into the CYOA sphere at some point, drop me a line - I’ve worked with a lot of the existing frameworks, so could probably give you some pointers).

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From Vic’s blog:

I might get this up on the Amazon Kindle Store before the year is out. Copy edits are done. Final proof reading is in progress.