Does anyone know when the new Transformers movie opens?

Or where I can see a New Trailer in HD?

Because that would be [Michael Bay] AWESOME! [/Michael Bay]


It would be awesome if we had a forum for movie threads.

(June 24)

The Internet is hard!

Maybe he didn’t have internet access when he started the thread.

Ah-ha, a thread to out people who block ads on Qt3. Very clever, Mr. pEaCh! I see you’ve snared two already!


He’s making fun of the millionz of ads that are everywhere…EVERYWHERE!


My banner ad says “Drag Me to Hell”. Is that Transformers related?

Dammit, I totally missed that. I keep thinking how neat that shot of Ravage is too.

This thread has a Bruno banner ad, don’t know what that’s about.

I’m going to go get trolled somewhere else now.

That’s amusing. Go anywhere else on QT3, though

Well, I see that the actual thread doesn’t have it, but my reply screen does.

My QT3 is all transformers, all the time.


I’d say that’s about accurate.


Getting “Pox Nora” now.

I will find this elusive banner of which you speak before the night is through.

I give up. Still haven’t seen it. The last straw was when I opened the German underwear exchange thread in P&R, and the banner ad was for Britney Spears on joost. I thought she didn’t even wear underwear.

I haven’t seen any Transformers 2 ads. Maybe it’s not being released in Canada. Yay!

Woo Transformers! Constructicons!

And yes, sure enough, I have summoned the beast: a Transformers ad at the top of the page…but it’s for Rifftrax!

How come when I hear the word “Transformers” all I see in my head is Megan Fox?

Never - it’s just viral marketing for the new Terminator.

How did they know?!

Yeah, I got that one, too.