Does anyone remember the name of this show?

Im thinking of an Anime/Saturday Morning Cartoon

It was an episodic, ca 1980’s

Along the lines of silverhawks and thundercats

It was sci-fi aniime western, with about 4-5 main characters that were all sheriffs.

Does anyone remember this? Name?

There was this one clint eastwood-dirty harry guy too… if that helps.

Marshall Bravestarr?

Jars wins in just 12 minutes. Niiice shootin’, Tex.

I like it

There is also another one called Galaxy Rangers.

wow, nice. I remember that show. I liked it.

Anyone remember “Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors”? Came out around the same time as Bravestarr.

The Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors beginning was the snazziest beginning of all time. Even better than GI Joe and the Thundercats.

Yeah, I thought Galaxy Rangers, too. I loved that show. I was particularly fascinated by the guy whose power was these little holographic programs that he could summon from his PDA. Each program had a different function and he could send them off to do stuff. There was also a guy with a robotic arm, a telepath/TK, and a Clint Eastwood knockoff whose power seemed to be that he could become totally badass at will.

Sounds like Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.

A robotic arm, the primary function of which was being a laser bazooka.

Galaxy Rangers was the coolest. Their spaceship displays were powered by Atari STs. The hyperdrives were probably a little more advanced.

That was my first thought as well. One of these days I’m going to try to track down torrents or something of that show. That was the fucking coolest thing in the universe when I was like 7.

i liked that show. there was this one ep where they were maneuvering small one man fighters straight down this trench and skimmed the surface to some point. all the ships blew up except for the one fighter flown by the blond guy. then he succeeded in his mission but the explosion ripped open a dimensional portal and he got sucked away.

I think I vomited a little when the horse turned into a…horse man?..then they were fighting back to back and winked at each other…yeah its coming back up vomits.

I’d go with Galaxy Rangers based off the Clint Eastwood guy, as the Shane Gooseman character was very much in that mold.

Projectile Vomiting

Bravestar, I remember this mainly for showing a teen overdosing on drugs in it.
Pretty heavy stuff for a “cartoon” in the 80s.