Does anyone sell a chrome or mirrored case?

I don’t know why but I have this strange urge to to have a computer case that looks like an old kitchen appliance.

Does anyone sell such a thing? I checked the standard sites but nothing that interesting appears.

Did you try Casearts?

Yes I did but they don’t sell directly to the public and don’t have exactly what I want anyways.

Try here:

Lian Li has some good aluminum cases that might fit what you’re looking for.

Lian Li makes very nice cases, but the silver ones aren’t chrome or mirrored–they all have a brushed finish. I’ve never seen a case that is actually reflective chrome; I suppose you could always buy a metal case and have it chromed (like, at an auto detailing shop).

I know you can get spray paint that finishes to a mirror like finish. Plus doing your own case is often more fun. (I’m mid way doing my case respray atm).

The mirror effect paint is pretty groovy as well - I used it as a ‘cloud’ effect on my full tower server case (which is now a table leg). You should be able to get a can from auto shops over there (I can get it from Kmart here for $12Au per can.)

Oh and here’s a link to give you and idea on how a ‘coloured’ mirror can come out like (mine is a deep maroon red)

Just imagine what silver paint would look like with that method.

Hey, that sounds cool — the paint, yeah, but I mean the table.