Does Gamestop have a future?

It definitely is.

At a minimum 50% match of the first 6% of contributions seems to be the most basic level.

How many Gamestop employees actually work enough hours to get benefits? One of the wonderful games retail tends to play with employees is scheduling them at a part time level to keep them ineligible for benefits. I can’t imagine Gamestop doesn’t do the same.

So on the one hand this probably isn’t affecting most of their staff. But on the other it’s also not likely to save them much… so all it’s going to do is piss off their best sales staff, Store Managers, and above.

Oh, wow, I hadn’t even considered that. Not a thing here unless you are formally not an employee at all.

Welcome to ‘Murica

Dropped my ballot off tonight and got some food. There was a Gamestop next door. Walked by it. Just the single employee inside, behind the counter. I really felt pity. She seemed so excited when I walked by the front of the store.

Does anyone here (or your kids/etc) do their trade offers with recent games?

I’ve looked at them a few times and nope’d out thinking they were either confusing/rip off.


Yesterday I traded in Spider-Man 2 for a Mario RPG preorder. I’m only out 5 bucks, and that’s because I didn’t have the membership thingy. I got annoyed with all the lowballers on facebook that I was “I’m just going to trade it at gamestop instead”… and was surprised that was a good idea. :) They were doing the same offer with Wonder.

Our black friday flyer is out. My wallet looks safe. Maybe pokemon cards for a christmas gift.

I think a lot of people at Qt3 never buy physical games anymore. Those of us that do are a rare breed now. Heck, I don’t even do it on PS5 and PC anymore.

Yeah, I only buy physical games for the Nintendo Switch anymore. My original plan was to just buy one cartridge and then never change it. But then I discovered I could borrow games from my nieces and nephews, and lend them my games. That became pretty desirable. And then I discovered my son loves getting a physical thing as a present, so it became even more desirable.

Man, I really hate changing cartridges though. It’s so small and annoying. Almost as annoying as trying to put the Switch joy-cons back on the Switch. They make it look so easy in the trailers!

Yeah, I like physical games but I don’t buy at full price anymore so the cheap, downloadable games won out. I don’t even have a DVD drive on my gaming PC.

I miss the boxed copies of PC games the way I miss album covers. Times change, though.

I still try to buy physical over digital for most cases, I do buy digital as well, but only on PC and PS5/Xbox. I don’t trust Nintendo to keep my digital purchases accessible, so physical is the option there.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t trust Nintendo. You can still download your Wii games you purchased.

God forbid my 15 year old console ever dies, as all purchases that are still downloadable are tied to the console ID itself. If the WIi you made purchases on dies, you are SOL.

Or, I could use a disc, that works on any console.

Aren’t digital downloads from Nintendo attached to your account, rather than the hardware? At least for the current generation?

Yes, unlike my Wii games, which are tied to my Wii (including my virtual console purchases), my Switch games are tied to my Nintendo account. So the hope is that this will translate to being able to seamlessly download and play them on the Switch successor. But that successor isn’t here yet, so no one knows for sure. But yes, it works the same way as Playstation and Xbox this time, as far as being able to download your purchased Switch games to multiple Switch consoles.

Nintendo appears to be getting better about this, but I am not going to fully trust them until we see what happens with a Switch 2, and if your purchases transfer.

We might be in a situation where digital games x-fer, but physical ones do not, if they change the cartridge system.

Well, even if they can’t automatically transfer to a new console generation, they will DEFINITELY transfer to a new switch, if you needed to replace it.

I think that’s all I would reasonably expect.

As you say, there’s a far higher chance that the digital versions will be playable on the next generation console, compared to the physical version, which is fairly unlikely to still work.

That was interesting. Always good to take loyal customers and then make their rewards so complicated and difficult to redeem that they end up not buying as much.

In utterly shocking news:

My sister bought me a 100 dollar digital card and I’m struggling to buy anything from there with it. Probably just end up buying something on Steam or the Nintendo store digitally. I loath even walking into a GS anymore. First world problems and all that. ;)