Does Gamestop have a future?

So I caught Dumb Money on Netflix the other day and somehow hadn’t paid attention to the detail of what was going on at the time. It was fascinating reading this thread when the short squeeze and Robin Hood hijinks were happening in real time in 2021. Kudos to those of you who made money at the time and thanks Q23!

Me and my house I bought in 2021 thank you. And we thank Gabe Plotkin too.

Does gamestop actually have some legitimate business plan?

Nah, this is some more meme stock pump and dump shit.

It’s never about the business, it’s about curbstomping rich fucks who short companies into oblivion.

Somehow Gamestop is shorted to the same level it was in 2021, like 130%. They learned nothing.

I probably won’t go back in, if only because I can’t really afford to lose money right now and I have a decent strat that’s making me slow, consistent gains. Godspeed to these heroes, tho, and I can’t wait for Dumb Money 2: The Retail Investor Strikes Back


I hear that manipulating stocks purely by posting memes is extremely deniable.

It was surging last week before he posted any memes.

God this makes me feel good. Sun is out, rich people are losing money, the world feels like it’s healing.

If the government won’t redistribute the wealth, this is how we do it!

I’d be up to watch a Dumb Money sequel.

I wanna see yachts being repo’d sold at auction, trophy wives leaving with fat alimony payments, weaselly dudes licking the dust from their empty cocaine bowls while they watch the line go up, a montage of rich guys suffering and regular people paying off student loans, all set to the Rocky theme.

And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world

It seems like GameStop deserves to be shorted, given it’s an objectively terrible business.

GameStop has more fundamental value than Bitcoin.

The entire economy is a meme dude. None of it is real, it’s all made up, including the money. Get with the times.

Yeah, unfortunately those rich people get bailed out.

Buy on the dip!

Welp. GameStop killed their own rally with dilution. Glad I didn’t go back in!

The GME (bag)holder conspiracy is they are expecting a huge short squeeze and are doing this to be poised to cash in.

This is a genius business model. They’re discovered a marketplace for collectibles with almost no overhead. Close all the brick and mortar stores and just sell limited edition “shares” directly to diamond-handed collectors.